Fashion by Double A Presents: Afternoon Fall in Japan

What? Almost Halloween? How is time flying that fast? We got some time to come and visit Japan in an afternoon fall. Fall is actually my favorite time of the year! Where it's sunny, but not that hot, where the nature brings us an awesome landscape, everything in the most perfect harmony! And the animals... all the moves to stock up food for the winter! It's a perfect show!

Nothing better then enjoying a fall afternoon with someone you love and in a beautiful place. But don't let the weather surprise you! This is a season where you can wear your jeans with a jacket, a great top with a sweater or a light coat and mix some summer and winter clothes together to fit this half-season!

As the time is really flying we are solving some RL issues these last few days, so we are taking a short break with our blog! Hey! It's just a break, ok? We will be back real soon! 
Hope you enjoy Halloween!
See you very soon!

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Alessia (Sun 8) - by Akeruka
Hair: Isla (night) - by Truth
Eyes: Reflection (sapphire) - by Izzie's
Outfit: - Nora Outfit - by Ema's Secret
Earrings: Pearl Earrings - by Oh La La
Shoes: Flat Gladiator Sandals (White) - by Aoharu

Alon wears:
Skin: Liam by Akeruka
Shape: Liam Akeruka
Eyes: moon - aqua by Poetic Colors
Hair: Billy by Cheerno
Jacket: Leather Jacket Mesh Black by [hoorenbeek]
Pants: EHC Leather Laced Pants by Egoisme
Shoes: Aviator Boots by Redgrave

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville

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