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Fashion By Double A Presents: Set Fire to the rain

Alon wears:

Skin:   diamodzB - Mike - Sunkissed - HB
Eyes: MADesigns EYES_LONELINESS - a realist
Shape: Sophistishapes - RYAN bodyshape
Hair: .:: MADesigns  HAIR::. ~ RONNY ~ Dark Brown I
Shirt: Le Forme - Famous Polo_Shirt_Size_2-Fitch Black Stripe
Pants: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Loose Jeans Hip Hop UNISEX
Shoes: Redgrave -  Style Sneakers -White-

Poses: Eternal Dream - Rockstar

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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Fashion By Double A Presents: Gizza Nautic Suit

Prepare your wit for the constant barrage. In this signature outfit french nautical you'll hear the question many times over: "Gizza, I presume."

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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Fashion By Double A Presents: diamondzB Roi skin

How sex can you be?
Roi skin from diamodzB.

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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Fashion By Double A Presents: Nytro Cardigan

Alon wears:

SKin: -diamondzB. - Roi - Light
Hair: *Dura-Boy*37(Dark Brown)
Top: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Cardigan Stripes Navy + T Red
Pants: $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Big Jeans Normal Black MAN
Necklace: New Age Male Afromoon Necklace By Jamman
Shoes: Redgrave - Miles Sneakers - Black/Mint

Studio and background from PNP
Poses: PNP

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion By Double A Presents: PNP Yours forever

photo by Maliah Naidoo

New pose Yours Forever for couple by Props and Poses PNP -

Alon Alphaville 
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion By Double A Presents: PNP Shooter Pose

New pose SHOOTER for couple from Props and Poses PNP -

Alon Alphaville 
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion By Double A Presents: PNP Sweet Embrace Pose

New pose SWEET EMBREACE for couple from Props and Poses PNP -

Alon Alphaville 
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion By Double A Presents: Humanoid Markus Dance

Humanoid just released new male pack of dances - Markus.
Markus dance  incorporates vitalizing rhythm with phat (pretty hot and tempting) bass lines to display its dance eloquence.

Watch in youtube how Humanoid works.

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Fashion By Double A Presents: JLB New Mesh Blazer

Alon wears:

Skin: -diamondzB. - Roi - Bronze - HB
Eyes: MADesigns EYES - ABYSS - mediteranian sea
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ANDREI ~ Black VI
Necklace: [MANDALA] LUCK Necklace/Blue Gold/Male
Blazer: ::JLB:: Blue Pinstripe Blazer
Pants: DROP. Cropped -Chambray Blue- 
Shoes: REDGRAVE - Sneakers -Dark Blue Oxford 007

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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Fashion By Double A Presents:Designer invited: Jamman

Today I will introduce you Jamman!! Jamman is an incredible jewelry and nails Creator in Second Life.
To know more his work visit his blog: JAMMAN JEWELS. Lose yourself in a luxurious world of enchantment with the exciting elegance of Jamman. There is an inexplicable awe and edgy intensity of an Jamman jewelry, nails,  or accessory that is mysteriously magical. 

His attention to detail is that of a surgeon. His daring designs and fantastic fit bring deep and hidden desires to life in his original and unique masterpieces. There is something dark, beautiful, and inexplicable about the mysterious magnetism of a Jamman creation. 

Jamman wears (right):

Face Tattoo : ELVEN Shark Face Tattoo
Amr Tattoo ELVEN Scorpion King
Headset : [NeurolaB Inc.] headphones Hi.Beat-2 (Black) 1.1
Tank : Shiver : Tank Top Red 
Pants : [Neurolab Inc.] MESH Baggyz MAN (Size 1) Uni Black Electro
Shoes : [Neurolab Inc.] MESH ShoKs Shoes (R) Red

Bracelets : New age Afromoon male Bracelet by  Jamman  &Mesh Bracelet play the game club left Male By Jamman
Nails : Male Deluxe Fingernails Hud Controled  V4.6 by Jamman
Necklace : New Age Male Afromoon Necklace By  Jamman  & New Age BIG CROSS Necklace By Jamman

Alon wears:

Skin: Nivaro - Crow - exclusive for The Men's Dept.
Hair: MADesigns
Eyes: Jamman  - Green - (not for sell)
Nails : Male Deluxe Fingernails Hud Controled  V4.6 by Jamman
Necklace :  New Age BIG CROSS Necklace By Jamman
Bracelets : New age Afromoon male Bracelet by Jamman

Alon Alphaville and Jamman
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion By Double A Presents: ALon and Elsidya featuring Egoisme

Alon wears:

Skin: Egoisme - DAVIDE  Tan/Bald
Eyes: MADesigns EYES_MUTATION ~ exposure
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ DAWSON ~ Black III
Outfit: Egoisme Z-Hunter (gift group)
Bracelet:  jamman - New age Afromoon male Bracelet by jamman
Necklace: jamman -New Age Big Cross Necklace male By Jamman

Elsidya Foresight wears:

- Skin "polly" : al vulo
- Hair not free "mango" : Dela
- Oufit "coin girl silk" : Egoisme
- Necklace: Fashion jewelry  (freebie)
- Bangles: W*T*G (group gift)
- Flower in hair free : The touch of ireland
- Feet "slink barefeet" 

Pose and Studio: PNP Poses

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion By Double A Presents: E-clipse VEVO

Alon wears:

Skin: -diamondzB. - Anthony - Tan
Eyes: MADesigns EYES_CONFIDENCE ~ blonde ambition (new release)
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Brian_Ash (exclusive for GSP)
Shirt: E-Clipse  VEVO shirt
Pants: E-Clipse leather  Pants
Shoes: REDGRAVE - Aviator Base -Black Mix-

Background:  PNP ~ Studio
Male Poses: PNP - Runway

Alon Alphaville
Fashion by Double A
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Fashion By Double A Presents: Gizza @ Vintage Fair

Alon wears:

Skin: Egoisme -DAVIDE  Tan/Bald
Facial Hair: Egoisme Addon Beard4 Brown Bald
Outift: GIZZA - Vintage Tuxedo (for Vintage Fair)

Marit wears: 

Skin:  LAQ ~ Pearl - 05 [Peach] Glow skin (blonde hairbase)

Eyes:  Fashism Sunrise Eyes - Caribbean Blue 
Shape:  personal model shape
Hair:  >Truth< Alessandra - Beach
Gown:  Azul - Malena
Shoes:  MJS Sassy Black
Makeup:  [White-Widow - Face Tattoo] Galaxy Silver
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N10
Nails: SDesign's Sculpty Nails #1.3
Jewelry:  Charlotte Necklace in Antique Pearls & Diamonds
              Charlotte Earrings in Antique Pearls & Diamonds

Pose:  PNP ~ He's With Me
Background:  PNP ~ Cafe' Noir
Male Poses: PNP

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)           
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Forever by Me

Today I am honored to blog with my guest  Marit from PNP Poses. In this post we are using studio, couple poses all from PNP.

With the holiday season kicking off, you’ll soon be awash in invitations to formal and semiformal events, is time to get s blue suit made by sf design (exclusive at Vintage Fair)

Alon wears:

Skin: Egoisme -DAVIDE  Tan/Bald
Facial Hair: Egoisme Addon Beard4 Brown Bald
Outfit: sf design 60s Suit
Piercing: *Phoebe* Facial Piercing Q1 ~Black~  (free gift hunt)
Shoes: ANEXX_HorseBitLoafer_Brown/Crocodile_Gold


Skin:   [:T:] Tuli Eva / Sunkissed 
Lashes / black, brows :: Light Brown, lips :: Sienna, makeup :: 06 Hypnotic
Eyes:  Fashism Sunrise Eyes - Lagoon
Hair:  O Style Dana - Dark Copper
Dress:  Gabriel Sleeveless Mesh dress - ash-Light Brown
Nails:Crystalynn Nail - Bloodstone Red
Boots:  MaryJane Basic Knee High Boots Brown

Pose:  PNP ~ Forever By Me
Background:  PNP ~ Costa Rica

Alon Alphaville & Marit 
Fashion by Double A
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Egoisme Party Friday and Saturday

egosime party menstuff   homestuff hunt party Egoisme Presents: Menstuff and Homestuff Party Skin Shopping Second Life Party menstuff Men Gift Freebie Fashion Evian Egoisme Business Beauty Arts
To Kick off the Menstuff & Homestuff hunt we are having a 24 hour party at Egoisme
~24 hours of Music, Dancing and Fun
This Friday starting at 10:00 an SLT
Hunt Begins at 12:00 (noon) slt
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Legal Insanity

Alon wears:

Skin: Egoisme DAVIDE  Medium/Bald (Body Hair)
Hair: [INK] Hair___YOKE ::Brown
Shirt: Legal Insanity - Tommy shirt surfers - azure
Pants: Legal insanity - Tommy surf shorts tartan blue M
Tatoo:Egoisme - Chakra Soul - Medium - SL2 Tattoo
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_MeshBeltSndals
Watch: *chronokit* watch no.37 Lancelot Gold [ copy ]
Necklace: [MANDALA] LUCK Necklace/Blue Gold/Male (resize) Full Bright

Outfit available at Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair Slurl:


Legal Insanity Slurl:


Background and studio from PNP Poses

Fashion by Double A
(Alon Alphaville)

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Fashion By Double A Presents: Alon's Wardrobe

First, understand the importance of dressing for the occasion. While your wardrobe does serve as a visual vehicle to express your identity, if you've spent all your money on the latest jeans but have nothing to wear to a job interview, your wardrobe has failed you. Your wardrobe needs to get you through whatever life throws your way.

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stay abreast of the latest trends, especially if you lead a busy life. So if you're efficient, you will have already done most of the dirty work by making sure your most important fashion pieces never go out of style.

These items are the wardrobe and accessory staples every man should own; the things so ingrained into our lives that even after one of them falls apart, we go out and buy another in the very same style.

Alon wears:

Skin: Egoisme Davide Medium
Jacket:  Egoisme  Mesh Jacket White
Pants: Egoisme  Mesh Jeans
Shoes: Redgrave Style sneakers

 Props: PNP Poses
 PNP ~ Man Closet

In this prop there are 9 poses:

1.  Searching for just the right shirt.
2.  Checking my watch, cufflinks or tie - your choice
3.  Thinking
4.  Digging through my tub
5.  Hand in my pocket
6.  Hand on my thigh
7.  Leaning against the dresser
8.  Sitting on the dresser
9.  Digging through the drawer.

Your position can be adjusted by typing /1a in local.

There are 6 wall texture changes - to activate - be on any pose and then click the wall behind the dresser to change.
 I will tell you shortly the history about PNP - Man Closet.
I was trying the PNP Closet for women at store, when I've met Marit, the owner, and asked her to make one special wardrobe for guys.
There it is!
 Special Thanks to AnneMarit and Kay Weston from PNP Poses to make my dream come true!

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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First Set of Advanced Creator Tools Launched Today

We’re excited to announce that the first set of advanced creator tools, which includes theTeleport Agent and Temporary Attachment launched today.

Teleport Agent
The Teleport Agent is a new LSL call that allows scripts to teleport agents to a particular SLURL or local position. You can now create "portals" or even objects that cause an instant teleport upon being touched.

For scavenger hunts, this tool might be used to instantly direct participants to the next clue or location after they discover a hidden item.

However, there are plenty of other possibilities to consider. In Linden Realms, we used the same feature to "return" players to a safe location after they made contact with any pursuing rock monsters.

We look forward to seeing what innovative uses our creative community comes up with for the Teleport Agent.

Temporary Attachment 
Temporary Attachment allows you to create temporary objects like demo attachments or “region specific” gear, without creating unnecessary inventory to manage.* In the context of shopping, you now can try on outfits or accessories before you purchase them.  Think having the ability to "try before you buy.”  

In other examples, an author can provide some unique ways to present information via the HUD.  The next time a visitor enters your establishment, you can push on-screen notifications out to them with ease.

This tool is as versatile as the creator’s ingenuity.  How will you use Temporary Attachment?

*It’s important to note that Temporary Attachment is NOT forced attachment. We accomplish Temporary Attachment through our Experience Permissions system requiring an opt-in scenario for the recipient.

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Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)