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Designer's List


&Bean by Keiko Morigi
Abyss by Aja Sinister & Khai Sinister
Adam n Eve by Damen Gorilla & Sachi Vixen
Aeros Avatars by Pi Rain
Aitui by JesseAitui Petion
Akeruka by KaoZ Koba
AtomicBambi by AtomicSparkle Skytower
ATOMIC by Maschinen SchwartzmanB
BAD@ZZ by Master Source
Belleza by Tricky Boucher
CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny
Damiani (now LaVie) by KaoZ Koba
Den Dou Skins by denchu Dench
Dernier Cri by Asuka Martin
DiamondzB by Adrake
DNA Cloning Facility by Brox Riaxik
Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus
Egoisme by Ramses Meredith
FNKY! by Funk Schnook
Hermony by Hermanni Laville
Laqroki by Mallory Cowen
LeLutka by Minnu Palen & Thora Charron
Muism by Icemocolo Voom
Naughty Designs by Lost Thereian
no.07 bu Aeon Jiminy
Nomine by Munchflower Zaius
Pulse by Lorac Farella
PXL Creations by Hart Larsson
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave
Signature by Simple Spad
Skin Flicks by Mavis McGettigan
Subaru by theoden Ling
Vaya Con Dios by By Lulu Jameson


!Imabee by Brendon Papp
&Bean by Keiko Morigi
Abyss by Aja Sinister & Khai Sinister
Adam n Eve by Damen Gorilla & Sachi Vixen
Akeruka by KaoZ Koba
Arnadi by Dorian Deir
AtomicBambi by AtomicSparkle Skytower
ATOMIC by Maschinen SchwartzmanB
Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa
Bebae by Torie Senne
Belleza by Tricky Boucher
Candy Doll by Rebeca Dembo
CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny
Cockles by Xerras Azalee
Curio by Gala Phoenix
Damiani (now LaVie) by Pompeja Rossini
Den Dou Skins by denchu Dench
Dernier Cri by Asuka Martin
DNA Cloning Facility by Brox Riaxik
Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus
Exodi by Ryker Beck
Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard
FNKY! by Funk Schnook
Hermony by Hermanni Laville
Laqroki by Mallory Cowen
League by Nena Janus
LeLutka by Minnu Palen & Thora Charron
Mango Mango by Sileny Noel
Muism by Icemocolo Voom
Naughty Designs by Lost Thereian
no.07 bu Aeon Jiminy
Nomine by Munchflower Zaius
Paper Couture by Ava Lu
Pulse by Lorac Farella
PXL Creations by Hart Larsson
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave
RockBerry Skins by Heather Beebe
Signature by Simple Spad
Skin Flicks by Mavis McGettigan
Subaru by theoden Ling
TULI by Tuli Asturias

!Imabee by Brendon Papp
&Bean by Keiko Morigi
1-800 Bettie’s by Jacqueline Boehm
2Real Footware by 2Real Okeli
3 Star Design by 3star Tyne
69 by Kumii Yoshikawa
141 by ish Kidd
0 Style (Zero Style) by Rei Gully
2g by Pique Flan

A&K Designs by Adrianna Marquez
Absolut Creation by Ginger Chevalier
Abyss by Aja Sinister & Khai Sinister
Accessory Arsenal by Jen Blackhawk
Accessory Bone by Icemoon Lee
Acid & Mala Creations by Mala Oh
Action by MarilynMonroe Munro
Adam n Eve by Damen Gorilla & Sachi Vixen
Adjunct by myvegancookbook Bolissima
Addict by Kianna Noel
Aitui by JesseAitui Petion
Akeruka by KaoZ Koba
Akeyo by Artoo Magneto & Akemi Yoshikawa
alaMood Boutique by Jori Watler
Alphavillain by Laika Saintlouis
amerie’s NAUGHTYby Amerie Spitteler
ANEXX by machang Pichot
Angel & Gos Elite Watches by Gospel Voom
Angry Monkey by Vas Legend
Aoharu by Machang Pichot
Arai by Mappy Handrick
Argrace by AIR Winx and Rika Oyen
Armidi by Nicole David
ArsNova by Thiuscy Cioc
Artilleri by Antonia Marat
AtomicBambi by AtomicSparkle Skytower
ATOMIC by Maschinen SchwartzmanB
Audacity by Catty Loon
AURA by Sasha Gopheller
AVALON by Vilem Beaumont
Aveda Institutes by Elikapeka Tiramisu
AVZ by Hern Worsley
AW Design by Adrina Welders
Awori Cassini by Awori Cassini

BAD@ZZ by Master Source
Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa
BalAni by Onix Anthony
Bandit Jewellery Shop by Athony77777 Bandit
BareRose by June Dion
Barnes Boutique by Forseti
Battered Boudoir by Eloria LeShelle
Bax Boots by Bax Coen
Beauty Avatar by Sita Loire
Bebae by Torie Senne
Belial Japan by kurohi Dagger
Belleza by Tricky Boucher
Bellies by Bayly Baxton
BeReal by Ricko Dagostino
BettiePage Voyager(*BP) by BettiePage Voyager
biancaF by bianca Foulon
Bitter Thorns by Juliet Ceres
Blaze by Blaze Columbia
Bliensen + MaiTai by Plurabelle Laszlo
Blind Spot by aston Leisen
Blitzed by eko Merlin
Blood & Scarsby Linda Poplin
Body Politik by Maximillion Grant & Polly Pavlova
BomBon by Tokoro Torok
Boon by Boo Nakamura
Boudoir by Vitabela Dubrovna
Brief Encounter by Dragontat Zagato
BUKKA by yano Hyun
Buried by Naboru Karu

C.Smit by Cynthia Smit
Cake by Stumbelina Ophelia
caLLie cLine by Callie Cline
Calypso Giano by Calypso Giano
Candy Doll By Rebeca Dembo
Casa Del Shai by Shai Delacroix
Catnip by Akasha Wachmann
CCDM by Pes Voom
CE Cubic Effect by Mirai Jun
Celectial Studios by Starley Thereian
C’est La Vie by Larcoco Mathy
Chantkare by Applonia Criss, Long Pausch & Boston Westland
Champagne! Sparkling Couture by Enzo Champagne
Chase by Ocean Lane
CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny
Chinese Takeout by Jackson Baily
Chronokit by kit Pizzicato
Cipher by Cipher Ivory
Civvies by Posy Trudeau
CMFF by Chip Midnight
Concrete Flowers by Lynaja Bade
Connors by Salah Axel
Corrupted Innocence by Alexxis Laszlo & Kira Paderborn
Creative Kaoz by dana Archer
Curio by Gala Phoenix

Danielle by Dani Plassitz
D2TK by Tatoo Korvin
Damiani (now LaVie) by KaoZ Koba
Damselflyby Shylah Honey
Dan Senyurt’s by Dan Senyurt
DAREby Chance Greatrex
Death Hunter by Patoricia Halcali
Death Row Designs by Jaimy Hancroft
Deco by Orchid Zenovka
DE Designs by DoC Eldritch
Defectiva by Disembodied Hand (Available on xstreetsl only)
DeLa by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Den Dou Skins by denchu Dench
Dernier Cri by Asuka Martin
Desert Moon Clothiers by Dragontat Zagato
Detour by Keri Clip
Deviant Kitties by Helyanwe Vindaloo
dEVOL by Kaori Masala
Diamond Depot by Colin Nilsson
Dictatorshop by Lillani Lowell
Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel
Digital Dragon Designs by Ninja Petion
Discord by Orange Meili
Diversity Hair by Aleri Darkes
DNA Cloning Facility by Brox Riaxik
The Dogs by JDDM Catteneo
Donna Flora by Squinternet larnia
Doppleganger Inc. by Syler Morgwain
DownDownDown by Tuki Loon
DP YUMYUM by toraji Voom
Dreams by Sanura Snowpaw
Dustarrz by Tetuma Kawashima
Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus
Dreamin’g Alice by dolce Asbrink
Dura by chiaki Xue
Designs by Isaura by Isaura Simons

E. Watkins by Emilie Watkins
EarthStones Jewelery by Abraxxa Anatine
Eclectica by Tiffy Vella
Eclipse Development ED by Eclipse Lykin
Eish! by Brunoo Loon
EkoEko by Eko Strom
Ekstras by Kore Sieyes
Elephant Outfitters by Armidi
Elsewear by Raynold Burt
Emery by Serjordan Bonetto
END by Jonny Petrova
ENGLISH ELEMENT by Lascivious Loire
en Svale by Zooey Yokosuka
Eoma’s World by Eoma Shilova
Ephemera designs by Ephe Luik
Ephemeral Creations by Arkesh Baral
Epic by Jade Winthorpe
Eros Designs by Keth Mommsen
Eshi Otawara by Eshi Otawara
EtchD by Sinjun Soyer
ETD by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Etik Etnik by Melaxi Eilde
eXceSs by Toshiya Okawa
Exile at Ivy Falls by Ju Weissnicht
Exile by Kavar Cleanslate
Exodi by Ryker Beck
Eye Candy Designs Jewelry by Candy Cerveau

F2H byFrozenII Hastings
Fairy Tail by xxxriexxx Serevi
Fairlight Industries by Julia Faulkland
Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard
F.A.T. Designz by Alfred Kabuki
FG Underground by Fanny Finney
Fiction and Chaos by Nix Winterfeld
Find Ash by Reopa Laval
Fine by Hirosake Inshan
Finesmith Designs by yula Finesmith
FIR by Rob1977 Moonites
Fishy Strawberry by Fae Eriksen
Fleur by Roslin Petion
FlipSide Piercing & Accessories by Flippa Stella
FNKY! by Funk Schnook
Fore by Moca Loup
FORM by Zabitan Assia
four ARSENIC by Takuma Setsuko
Foxy’s Smoke Shop by LupineFox Paz
Fri.day by Monday Pavarti
Fussy by Satomi Masukami
FX – Particle Effects by Neil Protagonist

Gabriel by Takuya Jinn
Gasqhe by Karija Azalee
GATO by Lalu Bonetto
Garden of Ku Tattoo by danel Kurosawa
Gbberish Boutique by Girlspeedo Latte
Gearshift by Donovan Brennen
Gentlemen by Cold Heart
G Field by Cerberus Noel
GG Couture Target by Giana Paine
Gisaci by Hudsen Armidi
Giusia by Giusia Ethaniel
Glamurena Studio by Kauri Darkstone
Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Glanz by Tsuru Shan
Glow Studio by Anemysk Karu
The Good Life by Avant Scofield
Gos by Gospel Voom
Goth1c0 by Keishii Roo
Gracile by Patrice Fierrens
GrandMa by Hanae Nishi
Grasp by Asalt Eames
Grendel’s Children by Max Hatfield
Gritty Kitty by Noam Sprocket
Groll Inn by Groll Greggan
Guillaume pour homme by Mhaijik Guillaume
Gunslinger Armaments by Gunslinger Kurosawa

Hairapy by Laydi Bailly
Hair Salon Betty by koto Enoch
Hairy Situations by Sheltered Heart
Happy Dispatch by Hiko Nino
Hat Mechanic by Fade Dana
Hat Shop by Kai Sion
Hats and More by Yeesha Voom
Hazard by Kid Kokorin
HC by Forge Hendrassen
Hermony by Hermanni Laville
Hob Goblin by Phantom Kabuki
HOC by Guu Nishi
Hoorenbeek by Ansor Hoorenbeek & Limer Fredriksson
Hybrid Productions by Mantis Oh
Hyperion Studio by Dominic Palisades
HUSKY GFX by Karigan Ducatillon
Hoof & Horn by chernobyl rasmuson
Haus of Darcy by Aydan Darcy

Ibizarre by Anyusha Lilienthal
ICoN by Surarin Piek&junko Otsuka
Iki by Nephilaine Protagonist & Torrid Midnight
Illusions by Siyu Suen
Imagen by Rack Brautigan
IMPIUS designs by silv Mureaux
Inca Temple by Di Yifu
Indi Designs by Jamie Holmer
Inflict by Lexington Jie
Ingenue by Betty Doyle
Inone Style by Moth Sewell
Insomnia by Sark Lane
Inverted Horizon Studios by Kabraxxis Desade
Ispachi by Diarmuid Miklos
Ivalde by Neferia Abel
Izzie’s by Izzie Button

Japan Soul Romankan by nonko Noel
JCNY by JD Hansen
Jeepers Creepers Shoes (JCS) by Eponymous Trenchmouth
Jewelry Mhaijik Things by Mhaijik Guillaume
Just Me by Typha Bailey
J’s by JB Gazov
JE*Republic by Jungeun Vella
JK by juniorknight Carter

Kalnins by Maris Kanto
Kalrau by Kal Rau
Kana-Na by NaNa Beatty
KessKreations by Kesseret Steeplechase
Khep’s Creations by Kheph777 Enoch
Kin by Kin Keiko
KMADD by Maddox DuPont
Kobalt by Mattu Siamendes
*Kookie* by Kookie Lemon
Kowloon Style Avatar Shop by Magnum Yoshikawa
Kru’s Boutique by Kru Flan
Kumaki Glasses Style by koguma Kumaki
Kungler Design’s By AvaGardner Kungler
kwz by Kariwanz Felisimo

Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Paulse
Lag Designs by Vessus Candour
Lapointe & Bastchild by Paul Lapointe
Laqroki by Mallory Cowen
Last Eden by Jen Tone
Laundry Brand by Scarlett Butler
LaVie by KaoZ Koba
La Yakito Design by Loveyr Littlething
Lazybum by Luciano Enoch
LE.LOOK! dEVOL store by Kaori Masala
League by Nena Janus
Leather Bound by Gareth Sodwind
LeeZu by LeeZu Baxter
LeLutka by Minnu Palen & Thora Charron
Leti’s Tattoo & Piercing by Leti Hax
LG FEME by Gyorgyna Larnia
LightStar by Krystal Silverweb
LikeA by Wind Meads
LiNe by zippir Kayo
Linka Ruby by Linka ruby
Little Heaven by Falastear Aeon
Little Pricks by Syn Beresford
LMK By Polina Kaestner
Loaq by lorenz Hax
Lookr by Adam Soler
Love Soul by BlueStarRUI Villota
LPP [Le Petit Prince] by aoimizuno Meili
LUC (former EARTHTONES) by Lucas Lameth
Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry by Lucas Lameth
LuNi Designs by Lucas Gerard and Nimil Blackflag
LurveBite by Sofia London
LuTimez by Lutz Siemens
Lyndz-matic by Lyndzay Meili

[M2M] by Yumi Chiuh
M*A*ii*K*I by Beauvoir Rousselot
MadeForYou by Satyra Singh
MADesigns  by Maddox DuPont and Kirk Claymore
Magic Nook by Ayumi Cassini
Magika by Sabina Gully
Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle
Mamesando by Mame Sands
MANDA by kikunosuke Eel
Mango Mango by Sileny Noel
Mantra by Kim Takashi
Marcopol Oh by Marcopol Oh
Marinesta by Sayone Masala
Maschienenwerk by Armin Rickena
Massimo by Ryusuke Loon
Masu by MASUkills Masala
Material Squirrel by Kala Bijoux
MCM by Shanobe Weyland
MEB Fashion by MariaElena Barbosa
MECHANISMby Kobe Flatley
MEDUSA WEAPONS by Sephiroth Juran
Mentine by valentine Biddle
Meriken Co. by Yaszi Mornington
MESSER Co. by Stormy Wilde
MeteoRain by Songe Lunasea
Mhaijik Things by Mhaijik Guillaume
MiaMai by Monica Outlander
MichaMi by Milla Michinaga
Miel by Miel Nirvana
Mika by Mikaela Rasmuson
Milk Motion by  Maurie Lauridsen
Mimikri Hot Couture by Mimikri Kit
Mimi’s Choice by Mimi Juneau
Mirai Style by Mirai Shan
Mirror Image by Melvin Demain
MIU by miu Villota
+mocha+ by flexagons Villota
Momo by Sumomo Kawashima
Moss by Moon Moss
MRM by Masaru Raymaker
Mstyle by Mikee Mokeev
Muism by Icemocolo Voom
Musashi Blades by Ayame Musashi
Mustache by Mae Liamano
Muwu by Namida Akami & Eden Minton
MV by Vo Pralou

N-Creation by nico200 Planer
Naima by Naiman Broome
Naith Smit Design by naith Smit
Naughty Designs by Lost Thereian
NC by hiro7 Amat
Negko Design by Negko DeVinna
Nerd Project by Mogu Toxx
NINIKOBOY by Kae Sahara
NM Haute Couture by Augustus Garzo
no.07 by Aeon Jiminy
No.9 Nylons by Criollo Forcella
Nomine by Munchflower Zaius
NUi by Nuit Wonder
NV by Isiss Bade
Nylon Outfitters by Nylon Pinkney

The oBscene by Kuja Akina
OhMai by Anya Ohmai
Original Sin by frageurs Hock and LUCA Rosmer
ORTA by Valena Glushenko
OSAKKI by Kaysha Piers
Ottico by Youki Rau
oyakin by kinbo Akina

Paper Couture by Ava Lu
Para Designs by Paranormal Putzo
Passionate Nekos Dream by Saur Holt
PB Collection -  Ardigraf Design Group by Patrizia Blessed
Persona by Myllie Writer
Pepper by Danni Pfeffer
Philotic Energy by Aemilia Case
Phobos Design Chaos by Ferran Brodsky
Pig by Apatia Hammerer
PixelDolls-PixelMen by Nephilaine Protagonist
Pixelfashion by amandine Arai
Plume by Fauve Beaumont
Plus by Helena Compton
Pocket Mirrors by Alair Cortes
Poison by Corocota Torok
Porcupine Love by Chillatrix Gossipgirl
Port Obelo by nimrod Yaffle
Primcrafters by Cienna Rand
Primitive Design by Geyer Schnyder
Primoptic by Nibb Tardis
Primtronics by CJoke Oh
Pulse by Lorac Farella
Purrrrfect Kitties by selena Chastity
PXL Creations by Hart Larsson


Random by Garbage Prototype
Ravenwear by Raven Lament
Rawdolls by Lindal Janus
-RC- by Redd Columbia
Rcbg by Kyrsten Jigsaw
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave
Reek by Riq Graves
Repulse by Max Lexigle
Relax by Laxx Scarborough
Renegade by Kaejo DaSilva
Resurrection by Luka Soyinka
Rfyre by Raven Pennyfeather
Riddle by Chrystina Noel
RIGHT DESIGN by tanisha Whitfield
ROARS by Roar Hotshot
Robin (wood) Sojourner by Robin (wood) Sojourner
RockBerry Skins by Heather Beebe
Rockers Wear by Cash Bonetto
Role Optic by Rohal Schnyder
Rosy Mood by Calico Felisimo
Royal Blue by Marni Grut
Ruca Tease by Roscko Cobalt
Ryca by Ryca Doobie

Sadistic Hacker by momo46915 Runningbear
S&Q by souljah Greenwood
Sand Shack Surf Co. by Emma Gilmour
Sartoria by traveller Bade
Sensual Mistery by Mat Kungler
Serious Giggle by Kirin Xeno
Sey by Risey Arai
SF Designs by Swaffette Firefly
Shade Throne by Undo Hermano
Shadow Things by Lacey Mertel
Shai (Casa Del Shai) by Shai Delacroix
Shampoo by miru Reich
SHIKI Designs by Shinichi Mathy
Shiny Things by Fallingwater Cellerdoor
Shop Seu by seu Ahn
Signature by Simple Spad
Silent Sparrow by Hyasynth Tiramisu
Simone! by Simone Stern
Sinister Designs by BiGSiN Wormser
SiniStyle by Krius Misfit
Sin Skins by Portia Sin
Skin Flicks by Mavis McGettigan
SLAB Design by Pompo Bombacci
SLASH! by Dig Dollinger
SLink by Siddean Munro
SOLANGE by Solange Cerveau
Solar Eyewear by Solar Flare
Sole accessory by elysion Lomu
Soreal by Kwamey Pinion
So What? by xLenniex Lennie – (currently only available on XstreetSL)
Star Piercing by wonz Guyot
Steinwerk Watches by Aveline Stein
Stellar Designs by Lexi Morgan
Studio Sidhe by Faery Sola
Stygian by Madlax Stygian
Styles of Edo by Edo Tone
Style Starts Here by Simone Stern
Subaru by theoden Ling
Super Possessed by Arken Soothsayer
Swallowtail Designs by Natsuko Paravane
Sweet Junkie by Sugarplum Balbozar
Sweetest Good-bye by Morphine Janick
S.Y.D. by SySy Chapman
The Syndicate by Tyreak Takashi

Tesla by Tesla Miles
Tee*fy by Azure Electricteeth
theosophy by Trace Osterham
The Black Canary by Morrigan Denimore
The Sugar Garden by Eilfie Sugarplum
This Is A Fawn by Omgwtf Barbecue
Tikitattoo by Hatzfeld Runo
Tiny Bird by Autumn Hykova
Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese
Tonic by Static Schultz
Tokeo Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Tonktastic by Tonk Tomcat
Tooter Claxton Avatars and Vehicles by Tooter Claxton
Tramp Stamp Tattoos by Tragix Wilder
Trap by Selos Dae
Treads by Ju Weissnicht
Tres Blah by Julliette Westerburg
Très Jolie! by Iota Ultsch
Tricolore by shanti Beresford
Truth by Truth Hawks
Tukinowaguma Hair Style by KateForster Akina
TULI by Tuli Asturias
TwInS FaShIoN by Titouaure Allen

U&R Dogs by Uta Karas
Unclweb Studio by Din Raymaker
Unknown Boutique by Unknown Jewell
Unzipped by Destany Laval
Urban Bomb Unit UBU by Coke Dreadlow
Urban Dare by Craven Theas

Valiant by Wavie Haller
Vdbv by Vakis Oranos
Veschi by Alla Ruff
VG by Chloris Hathor
VISTA Animations by Vista Barnes
Vitamen by Vitamen Hax
Von Ducky By Maylee Nishi
Vooner by Vooner Voom
V Tattoo by Van Naimarc

Wasabi Pills by MissAllSunday Lemon
Watch Shop Watches by Bubba Biberman
Wave by Miraiwave Iwish
Weird Monkey Design(WMD) by Maruko Sakigake
Whippet & Buck by Twiggy Whippet
White Widow by Stan Jigsaw
WoE by Dick Wiesel
World Wide Industries by Ichibod Etchegaray
W&Y by Waka Flow and Yukitan Farrjones

XD Fusion by Todd Borst
XWD Studio by Xander Whelan

YABUSAKA by Yabusaka Loon
Young Urban by Trevor Turner
YS & YS by Monicuzza Babenco
YULI by Yuli Orman

Zaara by Zaara Kohime
Zada by Zada Zenovka
Zanzo by Theodore DuCasse
ZenithDesign by Miffyhoi Rosca
Zero Style (0 Style) by Rei Gully
Zona Cero by Keishii Roo
Zoobong by Ajay Giano
Zsa Zsa by ZsaZsa Withnail

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