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Fashion by Double A Presents: Enjoying the beach!

How wonderful is this summer?!?!? Let's enjoy the outside! Summer is totally related to flowered clothes, colorful, short, comfortable and light fabric clothes! 

On Alon one of the summer outfits by Shiki -  Kuai Violet. You can pick this option to go out during the day or even at night to a Luau! You will feel very confident! To complete your look pick those sport sandals by Duh! and this super summery hair by Uw.St

On Ayalla this cute and sexy dress by Graffitiwear. They also have a great summer collection available. The flip-flops are an old gift by Viviane Fashion, but they match with this dress and are perfect to the summer too! You can pick any flip-flops you want or even Crocs! They will fit comfortably on you too!

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin: Blondy (make up 12) - by Unique Megastore
Shape: exclusive (not for sale) - by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Expressive (honey2) - by Unique Megastore
Hair: Fiona (night) - by Truth (latest release)
Outfit: Red Aloha Dress - by Graffitiwear
Shoes: Flip Flops Flowers1 (Group Gift April 2011) - by Viviane Fashion

Alon is wearing:
Skin: Kal full beard pale by Akeruka (new release)
Hair: Griffin by Uw.St
Eye: Expressive eyes blue 5 by Unique Megastore
Outfit: Kuai Violet by Shiki
Shoes: Men's brown sport sandal by Duh!

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Lost City

The most unique feature about the Military Shirt by Gabriel is that it manages to make you look put together yet laid-back at the same time. The epaulette detailing and two chest pockets give it a grown-up, military feel, but its small polka dot pattern puts a fun fashion-forward spin on things without being overly trendy. The thin semi-sheer fabric of this piece also makes it perfect for hot summer days and nights.

True to its heavy duty name, this staple silhouette from Gabriel is made from soft, super sturdy denim. It’s an all-season must for weekend wear or, when done with care, the occasional office dress-down day

If you’ve owned [hoorenbeek] footwear before, you can attest to its high quality. And this Pro Boots are for free in the subscribo! Don't miss it!

This comfortable and sexy slip dress is just perfect for a summer day. Delicate lace lines the sweetheart neckline make this dress a must have piece in your inventory. This is the Shelly Slip Dress by aDiva Couture. Just pick the color that you most like and have fun! And still thinking about the summer and still enjoying the last days of June, the June gift by Finesmith is still available. What are you waiting for? It's an amazing choice for you to complete your outfit this summer, not only because of the color, but also because of the quality that is one of the marks of Finesmith.

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Melina Skin (Light Black Eyeliner)  - by [Acide!] 
Shape: Exclusive (not for sale) - by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: primavera series - perception eyes
Jewelry: Ethnica - by Finesmith (June Gift)
Hair: Astrid (night) - by Truth
Outfit: Shelly Slip Dress Lace Back Lightblue -  by aDiva couture
Shoes: Rhapsody - by Kalnins

Alon wears:
Skin: Justin by Faces Studios 
Eyes: Sensitive eyes 6 by Unique
Hair: Military Cap by ARGRACE
Shirt: Military Shir by Gabriel - new release
Pants: Sagger Denimkean light Blue by Gabriel - new release
Shoes: Pro Boots by [hoorenbeek] - subscribo gift
Necklace: Black Bead Necklace by Gabriel - group gift
Belt: Loose Belt Brown by Gabriel - group gift

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Justin Skin by Faces Studios

 I’ve said it before, but I love a skin who looks a little rough around the edges, and Nicholas Lemons Justin skin from Faces Studios definitely one of those skins. He’s gorgeous in my opinion, stunning even.

Check this new release from Faces Studios at:

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Start Over for Kaoz and aDiva!

Akeruka is a new brand for a traditional and very famous designer Kaoz Koba. Kaoz is back and has released 2 new skins for men. Kaoz the known creator of Damiani, Lavie and now Akeruka.
Kal skin is a gift, just join the group and get it. Easy! This skin is perfect for RPG, he has some scars in his body and face, and also you can see the quality that is a great mark of Kaoz. Welcome back Kaoz!
We can say that this post is a welcome post! The outfit Ayalla is wearing is from aDiva! Yes, AnneJoy Paine is back, thank God! If you didn't know aDiva before, you are having your second chance now. It's a modern style and very girly store totally worth of a visit. 

Dura-Boy 21 - new release - If you're looking for a more sophisticated hairstyle, you can check Dura store. This new release Dura-Boy 21 is a hairstyle that looks sophisticated and neat, while maintaining a carefree lifestyle. Astrid is one of the last releases by Truth for girls. This hair is a good option for a very casual moment, hanging out, going out in a summer afternoon, just a very comfortable and pretty look.

Shorts - “Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets… ” or at least for wearing shorts.
Camouflage patterns are in style this summer, so have a look in this homme skater capris camouflage by 22769 - new release.

Alon wears:
Skin: Kal Skin - Group Gift from Akeruka
Eyes: Sensitive Eyes 3 by Unique
Hair: Dura Boy 21 by Dura
Pants: homme skater capris camouflage by 22769
Shoes: Lowtop by Hoc

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Atena (pale - make up 11) - by Unique
Shape: Exclusive (not for sale) - by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: primavera 7 - by perception 
Hair: Astrid (night) - by Truth (latest release)
Top: Eyelet Top Cream - aDiva Couture
Shorts: Jeans Shorts Dark - aDiva Couture
Shoes: Coquette - by Kalnins 

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Manuel Skin by Tellaq

Avatar Content:

10 skin style

Manuel is the new release by Tellaq.

This guy is a real stunner, with gorgeous good looks and an incredibly body.

Check it at Tellaq Mainstore 

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: The beauty and the beast?!?!

Lustrous jacquard stripes zigzag across this romantic halter dress mixed with silver. A close-fitting bodice, designed with boning at the sides and back for added structure, releases to a gored skirt with full swing. This outfit is from MEB and includes shoes!

Alon is wearing these exotic pants that translate style and express this sexy wild instinct that guys have inside of them. These awesome boots are perfect for a country side living or just for keeping your feet comfortable - by Hoorenbek

Tattoos are here to complete the wild, alternative, personal and stylish look. You can get them at Egoisme.

Earrings and mouth piece were powered by Finesmith

Ayalla is wearing:
Shape: exclusive, not for sale - by Alon Alphaville
Skin: Atena (pale) - by Unique Megastore
Eyes: primavera 7 - by perception eyes
Hair: Kalia (night) - by Truth (new release)
Earrings and goatee: BlackNile - by Finesmith
Outfit: Agata - by MEB

Alon is wearing:
Skin: Elixir Skin by Birth (new release)
Eyes: Blue Eyes by Faces Studios
Hair: Dura-Boy20 dark brown by DURA (new release)
Tattoo: Hine Nui te Po by Egoisme
Pants: Lamia by Schoen (new release)
Shoes: Patagonia 2.0 Boots by [hoorenbek] (new release)

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: June Gift from Faces Studios

Faces Studios is giving way 2 skins for free in the group.
To join the group has a fee L$199. It is worthy join, you will get monthly gifts!

# FACES|Studios© group # 

# FACES|Studios© Main store # 

Alon Alphaville

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Fashion by Double A Presents: Shiki and MEB

Looking to update your shirt wardrobe? Consider this dress or sport shirt as the focus for building a great summer wardrobe for warm to extremely hot weather.
Like a hand-drawn illustration, the contrast floral stitching on this strapless dress is artistic and lovely. This casually sophisticated look is great for romantic and stylish moment! 
An artistic leaf print adorns the signature stretchy-soft of this dress. An alluring strapless neckline leads down to a shirred bust, and flattering A-line silhouette. Its light and airy design is perfect for a friends day in the club or nighttime lounging. Black/white leaf-print jersey. Strapless neckline; shirred bust. Empire waist. Pleated, A-line skirt. That's your elegant look by MEB. To complete the outfit, I used white pearls by Milady's

Believe it or not, head tattoos have been picking up stream in recent years and become quite popular among serious tattoo enthusiasts. 
This shirt will be a perfect addition to your cloudless holiday. It incorporates an unique atmosphere full of sunny days and summer joy, it's a great option as a substitute for the jacket. Matches perfectly with any jeans, it doesn't matter if shorts or pants or any other solid color bottom, such as white. This shirt can be found at Shiki.

Fashion-forward eyewear enthusiasts know how difficult it can be to find frames that inspire. There is a modernity here that cannot go unmentioned. The contrasting lenses in a surprising smoky black may have something to do with that. These are the amazing Speedy sunglasses by Kalnins.

Mike skin from Faces Studios is an exclusive gift for MENStuff Hunt.

Ayalla Alphaville wears:
Shape: exclusive, not for sale - by Alon Alphaville
Skin: Atena (pale) - by Unique Megastore
Eyes: primavera series 7 - by perception eyes
Hair: Dura-Girl21 - by Dura Hair
Outfit: Alina - by MEB (includes shoes)
Earrings and necklace: Understated Ellegance- Pearls on Gold Set - by *Milady's*

Alon Alphaville wears:
Skin: Mike - exclusive free @ Menstuff hunt by Faces Studios
Head Tattoo: Hairbase tintable v5 by Faces Studios
Hair: Simon - Dark Brown by MADesigns
Outfit: Funky Tropics Sunset by Shiki 
Shoes: Slip On Canvas Blue by Duh!
Bracelet: leather bracelet L by Hate This!
Sunglasses: Speed by Kalnins

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Faces Studios at Menstuff

This is the gift for MENStuff Hunt from  FACES|Studios© - mike skin with an exclusive beard.

# FACES|Studios© Main store #