Fashion by Double A presents: Scorpion Nest

When at this place you'll know is the real meaning of the word: Wonderful. 

The Wonderful Cove is a peaceful place where I felt inspired to have a few minutes of romance. I felt like I was on vacation, traveling to paradise. Well, I was on paradise, just not on vacation!!

For a few minutes I could forget I had a RL. It's an amazing, a stunning island that embraces and involves you.

Well, the good news are that you can live here. This land is all built with extremely comfortable and well decorated homes. All of them offer you your private beach with an amazing nature around and unblockable views.  With it's beautiful white sandy beaches punctuated with crashing waves and it's lush tropical surroundings, this is truly a place where you want to live.

There are three rental rates L$1,000, L$ 1,500 and L$ 2,000.  Parcel sizes vary with the largest being over 7,000 sq m.  Although the homes are fully furnished, there is an additional 200 prims available to you and the furnishings may be removed and replaced with your own if you so wish.  Luxuriously spacious, fully furnished, 2 and 3 floor sky homes are also available.

I don't really know about you, but I try to make my SL as perfect as I can (yes, we are all God here... lol). This is the perfect place for living and completing the perfect life style!

I hope you feel inspired as I did while I was taking the pictures here.

Thanks to Katharini Mcbride and her husband Frustrer Resident for putting this paradise together with such perfection and love!

Alon Alphaville & Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A presents: Nico skin by Birth

Nico is a really male sexy skin from Birth.

His incredibly sexy eyes are only beaten by his awesomely sculpted body, only made more interesting by his tanned complexion.

Coming with THREE different body styles, with THREE different body hair options, 3x3 combo, you get effectively 9 skins for the price of 1. (Muscular Body, Normal Body, Toned Body X Hairy, Normal, No Hair).

In 21 Beard Styles
Hair Base and Bald
6 Different Tones

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A presents: Bliss Homme

 A vintage-inspired look with "right-now" style, from Bliss Couture. Genuine leather and sumptuous faux fur trim combine to create one wildly chic coat! The outfit comes with pants.
Made of durable leather, these Egoisme Trekking boots feature a significant heel and raised foot with a solid grip to keep your feet dry and reduce your chances of slipping on any difficult, outdoor terrain. They’re great for walking, but they’re also extremely sexy. Wear them with jeans or outdoor gear for a refined yet active look. 


Hair – (Milana) – April 

Skin – -Belleza- – Lily Sk Dark Xmas gift

Shape – *ANNA SHAPES* – Samy Small

Eyes – .ID. Insufferable Dastard – December Gift / Brown

Lashes – [ATOMIC] – Lashes Fluttert
Nails – N-core – Manicure Sculpted Nails
Necklace - -tb- tres blah – Harlow Necklace
Blouse - (AMD) Apple May Designs - Campfire Sweater Green
Pants - PurPur - Gwiri Pants *Exclusive Xyroom* (tysm NinasBell, Morgana Ezvalt and Spirit Osmus)
Shoes - Mstyle - GOSHI Pumps Black


Skin: Akeruka - Damien FullBeard
Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls*23
Outfit: Bliss Homme - Dixy Fur Jacket/Classic Jeans
Shoes: Egoisme Trekking Boots

Analy Amat & Alon Alphaville

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Fashion by Double A Presents: [hoorenbeek] - Outfit JACK

 Cowboys are an intrinsic part of American history and it is to be anticipated that most Americans will want to emulate them at some time in their lives, whether it be when they are children dressing up for Halloween, or just for play, in SL you can join a RPG SIM and make difference using this complete outfit from [hoorenbeek].

The outfit comes with hat and hair, cigar, necklace, boots, sunglasses,belt, jacket and pants.

Skin: Birth - Nico 

Shape: Alon Alphaville

Outfit: [hoorenbeek] - Jack

Alon Alphaville