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Fashion by Double A Presents: Sebis Runaway Show

It happened to end up in a Fashion Show on Sunday, at Manhattan's City New York. This fashion show was from Sebis Store

The fashion show was just awesome. We had a chance to see the fall/ winter releases and some of the past collection items.

We had the chance to talk to Sebastiaan Obviate, owner and creator of Sebis Store. He was such a kind person and talked a little more about the store to us. It's really interesting to know more about the history of the store and the designers to understand a little bit of their style and sympathize more with them.

Here I will share his own words: Sebis Store, founded in early 2007 by designer Sebastiaan Obviate offers a line of Women's Hair, Clothing and Shoes in its bright and spacious main store. Sebis designs range from sweet and sexy casual styles to smart and professional suits to glamourous and sexy formalwear.

 Sebis designs clothes for everyone but keeps prices competitive, with styles varied and vibrant the collection offers a ranges of styles from day to night, casual to super-glam. Sebis always has something just right for every event.

Recently, Sebis branched out into male fashion designs. Designer Sebastiaan Obviate is focused on customer service and making sure his customers are happy. When asked his favorite thing about designing in SL, Sebastiaan says "Making something that looks good, together with happy customers." Check out Sebi's Store today: There's something for everyone!"

If you want to join the group of the store to be the first to know about the news, there's a SL group called Sebis Store which you can join. For those who run out of groups there's Subscribe O'matic too. There's a sign in the mainstore.

Alon Alphaville and Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Zenith Fashion - getting ready to the winter

Are you ready for this winter? Don't forget your avatar!!! Get into the season in SL too!

Miffyhoi Rosca, owner and designer of Zenith Fashion is inspired for the season! 

I just loved this sweater. It's perfect for casual everyday need, young and sexy. It's called Off Shoulder Sweater and it's available in 10 colors! (you should get them all!!!) Please note the detail of the collar, puffs and fringes. 

Still focusing in a modern look, it's time to warm up your legs and feet! This is a winter must have item! It's called Frankel Sweater Socks. It's available in 8 colors.

Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion By Double A Presents: Mashooka

I was visiting some stores these days and I knew Mashooka. It's an interesting store. An indian style, and at the same time, western creations with a very singular expression. Aradhana Voight is the creator and owner of Mashooka

Before sharing some of the amazing outfits, I went to know a little more about the style, about the store. Mashooka means female lover/ muse in hindi. The brand in SL represents sensual & elegant clothing.

This first outfit is called The Desire. It's available for sale in 5 colors. I just love when designers give this special touch in the clothes, caring about the details. Aradhana Voight definitely did! It's the perfect choice for that occasion that you wanna be very well dressed and at the same time, sexy, but not vulgar, actually much elegant.

This another one is called Danti. It's available for sale in 6 colors. It's the perfect choice for your everyday occasion. It's an elegant outfit for girls with taste and refinement.

It's important to mention that Mashooka is also available for sale at the xstreet. You can find most part of the designs there and no lag!!!


Skin: Jolie by Unique
Hair: Bonnie by Truth
Shoes: Barcelona Slingback - Black - by Armidi

Ayalla Alphaville

Fashion by Double A presents: Vitalis - by BIRTH

What's up guys!

Time is a little short in RL, but I came to share with you all an amazing skin that I found at Birth. It's called Vitalis. 

I think it fits perfectly for you that like the style bad guy. Seriously, look at my face! I'm a bad guy!

This skin is sold in 15 different facial hair.

Each pack comes with 4 options of skin per L$ 1500 (bald and hair base, with body hair and no body hair options). It's available in 4 different skin tones. The fatpack with all skins per L$ 8000.

Are you a bad guy? Wanna get that look? This is your skin.

Alon Alphaville

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Fashion By Double A Presents: Mimi's Choice

After this great holiday weekend, where I'm sure you ate a great turkey, had these amazing moments with family and friends, some or US went shopping on the crazy Black Friday and we also can't wait for the Cyber Monday... lol.. ok, ok.. back to the subject! It's time to dedicate yourself and make some great shopping to your avatar! And why not save too?

Mimi's Choice is known as one of the best retailers for best brands in SL. Mimi Juneau is such a kind person. It's easy to understand why she got all these brands to resell. 

This outfit is Rebecca Leopard.

One of the brands represented by Mimi's Choice, called JADOR, is for 2 lucky days offering their FALL COLLECTION, 50% off!!! Seriously... it's 50% off! It's shopping season girls! But it doesn't mean that you can't save your lindens! 

This outfit is called Wild and it includes the accessories.

Remember: this sale will last for 2 days only. From Sunday 1pm till Tuesday 1pm (SLT).

Skin - Jolie - by Unique
Hair - Bonnie - by Truth

Ayalla Alphaville
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Double A Present: Sex and the City by Orage Creations

Hello beloved readers!

It's not by accident that our guru Tim Gunn participated of Sex an the City 2. If you are a follower of this tv show or have watched the movies, you know that they give a great value to fashion, and that's why we love them!

I was at Super Elite island, where you can also find some of the most excellent designers in SL and where I met Orage Creations.

Elettra Gausman is the owner and creator of Orage Creations. It's important to mention that she's such a kind person besides a great creator.

So, let's see the Sex and the City inspired items!

This one is the responsible for the main poster of the movie. It includes the glasses and the bracelet. Tell me... isn't it amazing? 

Please take a look at the quality of the texture. It looks so much real. It's a great job, such an art!

This another one, also inspired in Sex and the City 2, it's the casual outfit, it's another well known publicity poster.

It includes the sunglasses. I really loved them. They are not just like the real ones, but the quality of textures, the details, the care with which they were made, are worth mentioning, as well the designer, Elettra Gausman, is worthy to be noticed among the fashion world in SL.

Seriously, visit Orage Creations, there is much more there.

Shoes: Scent of a Rose- White Shoes - by Milady's
Necklace: Iedera- Gold - by Milady's
Hair: Francesca (sandlewood color) - by Truth

Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion Double A Presents - Snowflake by Tres Beau

I love this cold weather! I think people get well dressed, they look more elegant... and in this second life, it's even better! We can dress up like a snowflake, for example. It's lovely!

This snowflake outfit, from Tres Beau - by Kimmera Madison is just so cute! It's so inspiring! 

The outfit includes the necklace, the hairband and armbands too. The details in the body are so amazing and make the look much more graceful. 

It's also very important to mention that it'll cost 300L until Nov 26th, at midnight (it's a black Friday, right?!?!) and after that, it'll be back to 600L.

You can't miss it... it's not always we can get such great outfit and so themed to the season with this awesome quality and price. 

By now, it's available at Tres Beau and after Friday, it'll be also available at the main store.

Skin - Jolie - by Unique
Eyes - Sensitive 14 - by Unique
Hair - HB style 08 - by Laq
Shoes - Scent of a Rose (White) - By Milady's
Earrings - winter snow flakes - by Alba Fashion

Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Windy by MEB

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm wish you all a day filled with wonderful memories! Give thanks! I'm sure you got at least one reason to do!

OMG!!! It's getting colder and colder!!! So let's get ready to the winter!!!

MEB's Winter 2010 Collection is just amazing! They are six amazing outifts and I'll introduce you one of them: Windy. 

Modern and full of details, it's a complete outfit. It's a great look for any casual occasion, for that chill day in SL! It includes the boots. 

The other items of the collection are just amazing. It's worth of a visit. 

Also, it's important to mention that until December 15h, all the collection can be purchased with 25% off!! It's an amazing opportunity to get all the collection and still save some money!! See? If you were saying that you had nothing to thank, now you do ;)

Skin - Jolie by Unique
Eyes - Sensitive 14 by Unique
Hair - Francesca by Truth
Poses by **agape**

Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion in Pixels SL Feed



It is a feed dedicated to the fashion in the virtual words.

This site was made so you can keep up with new articles and content from other fashion blogs.

Whenever new content is published, it’ll show up and you can find all the best content of virtual fashion in here!

We understand that the virtual world has grown very rapidly, and it keeps us connected with the real world in many ways.

From where you are, you can check what is happening in fashion in Japan, in anywhere in Europe, in the Americas … in one click, the world comes to your screen!

Thus, the fashion in virtual worlds, expresses much of the fashion trend in real life, and it’s a form of manifestation of art, because each pixel creation, and the way that every blogger see and translate this creation in their blog, they are art.

Here, we value the work of each “artist” with the disclosure and to you reader, we want to bring information.

Enjoy, read, inform yourself, fall in love … the best of the virtual worlds, the best in fashion, in pixels, you’ll find here!

Tell your friends!


Ayalla Alphaville & Alon Alphaville
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Double A Presents: Truth

Every girl is always worried about her hairs, everyday! In this second life, things can not be different. That's why Truth has always some new releases for us, every week.

Bonnie is a good model to be used with clothes that have prims around the neck or even with some night gown. It's a good hair for formal occasions.

Francesca is a modern style of hair. You can use it in any casual occasion. It's definitely an everyday hair.

Sonya is the kind of hair we should you to look like we have just got ready to go. You know those days you work a lot, you do a lot of things and then you look at the mirror and can still feel you are looking good? This is the perfect hair for that.

Try your demos and get the ones you like most or that most fit your needs!!!! Because in matters of quality, Truth is the best!

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Double A presents: skins by Rozena

Do you need an option for skins?

Let me introduce you Rozena. It's a cute option for skins!

In this picture I have Dane, Blake, Viki and Jennifer. All of them will give a delicate look to your avatar. Innocent and charming girls!

Each skin includes the shape too. Why don't you try them? 

All the hairs I am wearing are from Truth.

Ayalla Alphaville
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Have you ever heard about JeSyLiLo? I want to introduce you this store. This store has a very wide variety of male and female items.

So, as I know that everybody loves skins, I'll show you this skin called Sixxy by JeSyLiLo

I really think that we must always be open to the new! I don't mean that tradition is not good, but it's not aways the best. This skin from JeSyLiLo has a lot to offer in terms of quality and beauty. It really got me in the perfection of the body lines and details of every each inch of it. It does look so real.

This skin is available in 3 tones: light, tan and dark. Each pack cost 1,500L and you can choose among 5 facial hairs options. It includes 16 variations to suit better your style (eg.: eyeliner, bald or hairbase and so on)

It's totally worth! Take advantage of this Secondlife! It's so easy to change your skin, to live your dreams... so why not try something new? Give it a shot!

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* :::Sixxy:::*LightSkin*J1
Hair: Uw.St - Scott 02
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Natural Blue
Top: Aoharu - brown jacket
Bottom: Redgrave - El Ganso pants

Alon Alphaville.
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Double A Presents: ROZOREGALIA

Oh boy... I don't even know how to start this post! It's just because it's something so much above my expectations in terms of fashion in pixels.  

First of all, I want to talk about Rozoregalia. If you understand how important accessories are to complete your look, then you will become a fan of Rozoregalia

There are a few features about this store that really got my attention, but the most important ones were: quality and creativity.

I'll show here some fancy items, I'm sure you'll love them, just like I did. 

This first one is an eyepatch. It includes 3 options of wearing: both eyes, right and left only. You can resize it to better fit the size of your face. 

I went into a Moulin Rouge mood when I saw these items from Rozoregalia. So, in the picture bellow, I am wearing the eyepatch that I've already mentioned and a furnecklace, the gloves and this sexy pipe.

This collection is called BOUHACHI. The items are available in black and they have script to resize.

One important detail about the pipe, it includes poses! So, you don't need to worry that if you wear a pipe your AO will put it into your tights, or wherever else, because it does have its own poses!

And my personal hint here is: to wear this furnecklace, please find a tied up hair! This one I am wearing is from Laqkoki - HB Style # 08. Otherwise, you will mess up the hair and the furnecklace!! It's very important to watch your prims!

It's just amazing. I loved this new collection by Rozoregalia.

The store is really totally worth of a visit!

Ayalla Alphaville
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Double A presents: Marisol - skin by Mayden

Hello sexy fashion girls! Today I wanna share with you a skin called Marisol. It's the new release from Mayden Couture.

 I thought it is a good skin for girls that wanna transmit an innocent look mixed with a mysterious touch.  

It's available in 3 tones: Dark, Pale and Tan. Each pack has 8 make-ups available to fit better your needs.

Its totally worth of a demo try!

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DOUBLE A PRESENTS: David Hair by Truth

As Ayalla said before, I came to introduce you David, the latest release for guys from Truth

It's a modern look for modern guys. It can be used in any occasion, since casual to formal. It's up to our needs and style.

The demo is available for you to try before buying. 

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Double A: Connors - MODS STYLE CLASSY

There's a suit for every man.
What’s important is to blend the elements that are right for your body shape, where you want to wear the suit and your budget. Expert help is essential to get it right -- Connors knows it. Salah Axel created MODS STYLE CLASSY suit. Buttons, stitching and pockets make up the basic details of a good suit.
You probably don't wear a suit every day, so why drop more cash on one than you need to? 

Price: $510 -- worth it.

Alon A. wears:
Hair: Uw.st - Scott 02
Skin:  JeSyLiLO - Sixxy

Alon Alphaville
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Double A presents: hairs by Truth

These are the last releases from Truth.

Long hair for girls that love this style. Take care with long hairs and with your shirt prims! This is Cady

This one is Kitty. It's an innocent curly hair look, for your everyday occasion. 

This is Mischa. That's the choice for you, if your option is to look sexy.

Before buying them, you can get the demos at the store or at the xstreetsl.com.

There is also a release for guys, called David, which Alon Alphaville will show you soon in this same blog.

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Double A Presents: Zenith

Isn't it better when we make it together?

It's great that Zenith make things easy! If you like to wear as a couple, there is a great option from Zenith, called Teemo. This one we are both wearing is grey. 

Miffyhoi Rosca is the designer and owner from Zenith. As you can see, she totally cares about quality and details of the clothes. There are more options for couples at the store.

Alon Alphaville wears:

Hair: ARGRACE - Fedora Hat 
Skin: LOGO Eternity 
Eyes: UNIQUE - Natural eyes 1 green
Shirt: LAQROKI - White longsleeve shirt with tie
Jacket: ZENITH - Black Teemo (new release)
Pants: ZENITH - Black Pants
Shoes: REDGRAVE - Aviator Loafer Black

Also, for us lucky girls, there is a new released called Sone. Bellow, in colors Nude (up) and white (down).  It's a great option to wear with jeans, casual skirts or shorts. It's such an innocent look.

Ayalla is wearing:

Hair: TRUTH - Kitty 
Skin: UNIQUE - Jolie 
Eyes: UNIQUE - Sensitive eyes 
Shoes: ARMIDI - Barcelona Black 
Outfit: ZENITH

Aylla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville 
(Double A)
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Double A Presents - LOGO Eternity Ryan

I have to say that LOGO has one of the best skins I have seen around SL. It's totally innovative.

Before talking about this skin called Ryan, I'd like to mention that LOGO offers you a service of personalizing your own female skin in their website. It's just amazing. Visit http://www.infinityskins.com/Portal.aspx and make your own!

The skin I want to introduce you today is called Eternity Ryan. 

Each pack includes 4 skins: 1 bald brown and 1 bald black; 1 hair brown and 1 hair black. Also, there are 6 options of face hair. Each pack costs 1,190L. The fatpack costs 2,990L.

LOGO, definitely innovative skins. 


Eye: Natural Eyes 11 brown - Unique Megastore
Hair: Liam - raven - Truth (new release)
Suit: British Tweed Suit Bron - Aoharu (new release)
Shirt: Cashmere Turtleneck Red - Aoharu (new release)

Alon A.

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Double A Presents - Truth: Liam

I was looking for a hair that would be awesome with the shape of my face, my skin, something that could finally bring harmony to my look.

I definitely got it with this hair from Truth, called Liam.

It's not only about the style, but also the quality.

Try a demo, you'll understand what I'm talking about.


Alon A.