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Fashion by Double A Presents: Accessories for man!

 Accessorizing can be such a nasty word when it comes to men’s fashion. Judging by the selection of men’s bracelets and necklaces in recent years, it wouldn't be hard to understand why. The men’s jewelry business outside of gaudy gold jewelry behemoths used to be nearly nonexistent. As any woman will tell you, it can be impossible to make a real statement with what you’re wearing if it doesn't have that little something extra. The same is true for men. 

If you’re going to drop a fortune on a stylish new pair of men's jeans, you might as well have the fancy belt to match. But who says you need to shell out mountains of cash on a belt that blends quality construction with premium leather? This loose belt brown by Gabriel mixes fine real texture leather with quality Japanese craftsmanship - at an amazingly group gift.

So go ahead and fork out a few extra dollars on your designer jeans, 'cause you’ll be able to save some scratch on this sturdy brown belt that keeps it classic.

Tattoos are no longer taboo - they've been part of mainstream culture for some time now and it's clear that they're here to stay. Men worldwide get their bodies tattooed for a million and one reasons, including marking a drastic change in their lives, or highlighting something that influenced them, either in a positive or negative way. I picked up some awesome tattoos to show you. The body birds tattoo from Kosh are very sensual and discret, if you are making some drama, Kosh also have a tattoo solution to show your moody: get these tears! And this hand tattoo from Kandy Tattoos is very original.

Skin: Maurice Eyeliner Chin2 by Egoisme
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Eyes Awake by MADesigns
Undewears: Verge Boxer Birefs by Aitui
Pants: Cargo Pants Brown by Gabriel
Hair/Cap: BakerBoy Cap and Hair by Mr. Poet - Culture Shock 2011
Necklace: UnisexNecklace Esses by MadeForYou
Bracelet: 3in1 Unisex R by MadeForYou
Belt: loose belt brown by Gabriel (group gift)
Shoes: Style Sneakers Brown by Redgrave
Tattoo hand:Yvo  hand tattoo 1 by   by kandy  tattoos
Tattoo body: Flock of Birds by Kosh
Tattoo face: To Much Stress - drama - by Kosh

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: NERON Skin by Faces Studios

 Dude, what can I say about Neron skin by Faces Studios? This skin  is gorgeous.

I think we can all agree he is such a cutie and adorable guy. But Neron is more than just a beautiful face. He also has a killer body!

Captivating eyes, great expression, sexy muscular body, endearing look that any photographer would love to get their hands on.

Two hairbase options

Bodyhair Option

Vivitone© Technology licensed by Egoisme Ltd. option


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Fashion by Double A Presents: Adam by Faces Studios

Adam skin from Faces Studios has a very nice body, well defined muscular form, amazing bicep and tricep definition, and is any woman fantasy in a pair of underwear. 

The coolest thing in this skin is the FX option, with this robot effects.

Faces Studios captures the male body in all its essence and keeps it interesting at the same time. From frame to frame you can always expect great things from Faces Studios.

Adam is a fine example of why we enjoy and appreciate the male body skin so much. He has a soft face and captivating eyes, with muscles that are perfectly defined and proportioned. I think he has the perfect chest and arms, not too big but just the right size that scream the boy next door.

Two hairbase options

Bodyhair Option

Vivitone© Technology licensed by Egoisme Ltd. option


Alon Alphaville

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Fashion by Double A Presents: A cool date night.....

At this point in the season, your social life should still be in full swing, so you need something that can go from day to night on the weekend. A long-sleeve plaid button-down gets the job done as you can roll up the sleeves for an easy-living, summertime vibe during the day and then unroll them at night when the temperature drops. This Plaid shirt black by Shiki is a great option for city dwellers as it won't appear out of place in an urban setting.

This is a really cute novelty printed dress in great summery colours. would be great for warmer weather. You’ll turn heads as you float through the garden party in the romantic Summer Dress by Gizza. This summer dresses involves all the elements included in the concepts of sweet, feminine, girly with a touch of fashion and hipness. The ambiguity, the Good Girl/Bad Girl vibe in these pieces. Isn't it fashion and elegant? I loved this dress.

These sleek loafers Portrait Checked by Kalnins are all about attitude, so wear your confidence on your sleeve whenever you have these puppies on. With smooth leather, a durable sole and stretchy material at the heel for a perfect slip-on, slip-off fit, everyone will want you to RSVP with these slick shoes. 

The outfit includes the hair flower and the bracelet. I must mention that the earrings are perfect for spring and summer outfits due to the color and designer specially developed by Finesmith

Alon wears:
Skin: Neron by Faces Studios (new release)
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Natural eyes 7 green by Unique
Hair: SCK717 by booN
Shirt: Plaid shirt black by Shiki (free-old group gift)
Jacket: Tailored Jacket Type-A by Argrace
Pants: A001 Jean Dusted Painter by Armidi Limited
Shoes: Portrait Checked by Kalnins

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Atena (pale) by Unique Megastore (new release)
Shape: Exclusive (not for sale) - by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: primavera 6-1 - by perception eyes
Hair: Karen (night) - by Truth (new release)
Dress: Summer Dream (Forest) - by Gizza
Earrings: Costa Rica (Gold Orange) - by Finesmith

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Legendary Skin by Tellaq

There are guys skins who look like they've risen out of a sculptor’s studio all chiseled and perfect, and there are guys skins who seem to have been given every single perfection known to man. But sometimes the hottest guys skins are the ones who look like you could run into them anywhere. 
Legendary skin from Tellaq is this kind of skin.

8 styles skins
1 shape
L$ 1500


Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Shiki - Gift

free gift available in the store

Tapa blue outfit 

withe shirt and blue shorts

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Fashion by Double A Presents: Julien Skin by Tellaq

Julien is one of those guys who takes charge of every situation. When you first see him you’ll notice these intense eyes, handsome face and just a hint of a sexual heat that will leave you wanting to explore all he has to offer. 

11 styles
1 shape
L$ 1800


Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Andy Skin by Tellaq

The sun shines down through the trees onto the sparkling smooth honey brown skin of Andy from Tellaq. Andy loves the outdoors and why shouldn’t he, he looks so hot the way the light plays off his tight pecs and lean frame.

11 style skins
L$ 1,800


Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Colors of spring

Spring signifies a move toward new and fresh things, so take advantage of this transition period by trying out some colors that you never before considered wearing, or even some styles that you previously dismissed off the bat. Start the season off on the right foot by mixing and matching some looks and taking a walk on the wild side. If the warm weather that's on the way doesn't excite you, these cool threads surely will.

A yellow suit is a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. Depending on the shade, yellow suits can be either elegant or a dramatic, eye catching look.  A pale yellow suit in a light weight fabric is a great choice for a party or event in the spring and summer months. Yellow suits look great with a range of different shirt colors. White, blue, black, purple and pinstripe are a few color options for various shades of yellow. Changing the shirt and tie choice can create several different looks with a yellow suit. A white or light blue shirt is great for the office and bolder shades of blue or purple make a dramatic fashion statement for a party or night on the town. So now you know how to wear your yellow suit, go to Shiki Designs and get yours!

And for you lady that wants to accompany your yellow suit dressed guy, Shiki Designs has a great matching option. This delightful dress is perfect for your first date, a spring dinner night. Not only the purple color, but the flowers on it bring this spring spirit to live. It's a charming dress for girls with style and personality, elegant and striking look. The hair is from Dura Hair, it's good to wear this kind of hair when you have some amazing earrings to show like this new release from Finesmith - Mary Pearls. This skin is a new release from Unique Megastore too, called Atena and it really needs no comments! These sandals are from Kalnins, and they are just perfect for this dress. It seems that they were made to complete each other! 

Fedora hats were born in the late 1800's, as a fashion accessory to depict the upper-class. Early in the 20th century, the fedora hat really grew in popularity; eventually surpassing the then admired Homburg Hat as the signature men's hat of the times.
The fedoras popularity soared as it was prominently featured throughout 1940's cinema. Stylish fedora hats adorned the heads of movie's most famous detectives and gangsters, including classic characters like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, the Blues Brothers, and Indiana Jones.
Fedora hats continue to grow in popularity today. From classic fur felt fedora hats, to summer straw fedora hats, all the way to trendy trilby fedoras,  fedoras can dress up nearly any outfit. MADesigns  has a lot of options of fedora for you. Check it out!

Comfort is also very important and this is seen as an important part of Milestone shoes from Kalnins. Design is also very important for the shoes to be stylish. Kalnins has combined these two aspects and created the Milestone. This week Milestone is 50% off. Enjoy this sale and get yours per L$ 250.

Alon wears:
Skin: Robert T1 Beard brown by Sacred
Eyes: Blue Eyes by Tellaq
Hair: Chris Velveteen by MADesigns 
Outfit: Suit Yellow Plumeria by Shiki Designs
Shoes: Milestone by Kalnins (On Sale 50% off)

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Atena (pale) - by Unique Megastore (new release)
Shape: Atena Shape - by Unique Megastore (new release)
Eyes: primavera series 6-1 - perception eyes
Hair: Boys&Girls 15 (black) - by Dura Hair
Outfit: Blossoms - Purple Moon Dress - by Shiki Designs (new release)
Shoes: Coquette - by Kalnins
Earrings - Mary pearls - by Finesmith

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A

Fashion by Double A Presents: Dan skin from Prodigal

Dan skin is one of those guys you’d see on the street and immediately think of grabbing a camera to get some shots. 

Realistic muscles and perfect body.

each pack is L$ 1,100 (comes with bald and hair)
fat pack L$ 3,000
3 different skin tones


Alon Alphaville 
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Happy Easter!!!!

Like Halloween and Independence Day, Easter is another time of year adults take advantage of dressing up in their favorite costumes. Whether it's for that special moment when the kids are searching for Easter eggs in the yard, or for the sexy couple's fantasy that just want to keep their imaginations alive, depending on what your current desires are, a bunny character is a popular choice among many adults in the spring.

Individuals on a budget, consider what type of bunny you would like to be, and if you have no clue, maybe I can help you with a really "bunny idea" to help you get your imagination flowing, and possibly make your next event a humorous one. If you're a serious bunny, don't read any further! I don't want you to start getting hopping mad at me. Ok, I will stop the rabbit puns.

If you happen to attend costume parties annually and you're stuck on ideas of what costume you would like to do this year, one idea from another article I wrote on unique costume ideas was the Playboy theme that I believe will fit nicely. You will have to start off by contacting several friends, gathering one guy and several women friends. If you have all women, or all men, I'm sure you will figure something out together.

There is an option for kids too!

The chicken and the child bunny costume are two major costumes that children wear during the holiday. Easter bunnies come in one piece jump suits with ears and hand mitts or open faced suits. Bunny costumes come in various colors as well. Chicken suits are usually one piece and yellow. Other Easter costume includes a lamb buntings.

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin: Atena (pale) - by Unique Megastore
Hair: Pia (night)  - by Truth
Eyes: primavera series 6 - by Perception Eyes
Outfit: Hippity Hoppity Hottie Complete Set - by Pounce

Alon wears:
Skin: Dan medium buzz shaved by Prodigal (new release)
Shape: Dan shape 01 by Prodigal (new release)
Eyes: inverno 6-2 by perception
Outfit: Pounce Thumper in Charge  by Pounce

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Hanging out during the week....

I really love this adorable little 50s/60s inspired polka dot dress.  Very Betty Draper of Mad Men.  The medium to heavy weight cotton faille fabric gives the dress a nice tailored silhouette.

There's a reason that denim has historically been linked with work wear: it's durable and comfortable. This  Work Shirt by Mr. Poet was built with these traditional requirements in mind. Its simplicity makes it timeless, meaning that if you invest in this shirt it will probably be the only denim button-down you'll ever have to buy. The Unisex Brown Rynkle Pants by MadeForYou jean is simple enough for everyday wear but sufficiently unique for evening events.

Whether you need a pair of boots to make your commute to work more bearable or want classy shoes to complete your corporate or evening look, search no further, the coolest men's shoe collection is right here at  [hoorenbeek]. If you live in a town where winter means a drop in temperature but not a months-long battle with the elements, heavy-duty footwear is impractical for your lifestyle. Instead, casual boots like these ones  Patagonia Loose from  [hoorenbeek], which you can pair with some woolly socks to keep your toes toasty, are more suitable. Handmade from fine leather and burnished to give a rich finish, these handsome boots have a vintage feel that will make them a favorite with guys who favor a look that’s rugged yet pulled together. Wear them with other all-American pieces, including your favorite broken-in jeans, white tees, plaid shirts or cozy cable-knit sweaters.

Dura-Boys&Girls 15 from Dura  pairs well with the dressy attire you might wear to restaurants, clubs or bars.

Add shimmering style to any ensemble with this dazzling back necklace. This versatile matching pair of earrings presents a harmonious mix. It's a fashion and stylist way to complete your outfit, I'd say a must have item in your inventory.

Ayalla's skin only in this picture is the new release by Unique Megastore, called Atena (pale). I'll make another post about that very soon.  

Alon wears:
Skin: Dan medium buzz shaved by Prodigal (new release)
Shape: Dan shape 01 by Prodigal (new release)
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls 15 by Dura
Eyes: inverno 6-2 by perception
Shirt: Work Shirt by Mr. Poet
Pants: Unisex Brown Rynkle Pants by MadeForYou
Shoes: Patagonia Loose by [hoorenbeek] (new release)

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Linda Day - by Vassnia
Shape: exclusive (not for sale) - by Alon Alphaville
Dress: Posie Pinup - by Poised
Earrings and Necklace: Designs Circles Set Back - by Finesmith
Shoes: Rhapsody - by Kalnins
Hair: Pia (night) - by Truth

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Hoorenbeek - Outfit Lacroix

Blazers have been around as long as the suit, but that hair-raising decade for fashion, the ‘80s, introduced the blazer as a single wardrobe item rather than as part of a whole outfit. Since the ‘80s integrated this style into everyday wear, we’ve seen the blazer worn in multiple ways, but one thing has always remained the same: No matter how you sport it: collar up, collar down, over a polo shirt, over a dress shirt, it’ll always look great with jeans. Hoorenbeek has taken this widely known fact and made a casual outfit exploring blazers with distinctive detailing that you can integrate into your casual wear wardrobe, securing the blazer’s place as a fashion necessity rather than a passing trend. This tweed blazer suit with blue jeans is the perfect example of that.

You can't go wrong with the right pair of blue distressed jeans. They're so versatile, they go with just about anything you have in your closet. It's an uber-modern article of denim that you can wear in a variety of different ways.

Sleek and sophisticated, these are cowboys boots for well-dressed, modern men wanting to extend the palette of their shoe wardrobe beyond black. A clean mix of suede and leather with minimal detailing means that the unique color of these boots will be front and center in your outfit, so avoid brown trousers as a darker top and lighter bottom in the same color family will contrast too much. Instead, you can choose a great pair of jeans or yet gray trousers to complement your shoes and tastefully draw attention to your fancy footwear. 

Retro designer sunglasses look great with everything from jeans and a T-shirt, to a suit. It's a translation of an excellent fashion taste men. 

Wearing caps with jeans, T-shirts or shorts is a perfect matching. They work particularly well if worn on vacations or during any physical labor, and should be avoided when going on dates, nights on the town or business. The cigarette is also included. 

This outfit includes tie too in 6 different colors.

I must mention that even commenting every item I am wearing, Hoorenbeek sells the complete outfit. It's an amazing option for us guys that in general doesn't have much patience to match clothes and accessories. Not only that, but the price of the outfit is very worth: L$ 960. There are other outfits available at the store, with the same great quality and to fit best your style. It's not only important to have a great combination of clothes, but it's also important to have accessories to look even more real! You can find it all, with the best combination of quality and price at Hoorenbeek.

Alon wears:
Skin: Damien type 1 by [DNA]
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Outfit: Lacroix 2.0 by [hoorenbeek] includes: Trucker Cap with Dark Brown hair, Cigarette II #5, Retro (sunglasses), Tweed Jacket, Dressing Shirt with tie (scripted color) and Vest, Dark Blue Jeans and Cowboy Boots

Alon Alphaville

Fashion by Double A Presents: Read to the Spring with Paris Metro

Hello Ladies, how are you doing? I don't know about you, but I'm sick of this cold and I can't wait to the spring. So I'm trying to redo all my wardrobe (I love coupons) and inventory too! So, I'm here today to share some news from Paris Metro with you. I just felt in love with these dresses since the very first moment I saw them!
Actually, it's very unfair to say I liked the dresses, once they are complete outfits! These two first dresses includes the hat and the bracelets. To take care of my feet, I got these amazing sandals from Kalnins (they have a hud that allows you to change the skin tone, sandals color, nails color and metal color, so you get more than one pair of sandals).

This black and white gown reminded me these elegant and gorgeous ladies that go to the jockey to watch a horse racing, always very fashion, simple and elegant, with their hats and charm. And that's exactly also how I felt. 

I must also mention that these earrings and necklace were very kindly sent to me by Luana Juliesse, owner and creator of Milady's. They are amazingly well done and created with thousands of details as all the accessories that you will find at Milady's. Besides, Luana is such a sweet and dear friend.

This is the second time I'm blogging this skin. It's Linda (make up Day) by Vassnia. It's perfect for using everyday, it's soft and light. 

Ayalla is wearing:
skin: Linda Day - by Vassnia 
Shape: exclusive by Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Glossy Eyes (indigo) - by Rozena
outfit 1: Stretch Teri Beach Dress (Peachie) Hat+Bangles - by Paris Metro
outfit 2: Stretch Teri Beach Dress (Tourq) Hat+Bangles - by Paris Metro
outfit 3: Truth is Black & White Gown+Coctail Dress - by Paris Metro
shoes: Rhapsody - by Kalnins
Hair: Pia (night) - by Truth (new release)
Earrings and necklace: Precious- Platinum with Diamonds Set - by Milady's

Ayalla Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Free for men

For who doesn't want spend much money, I collect some good freebies for men and I will show you here.

Leather is certainly a striking fabric. In the documentary Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld notes that he won't wear leather jackets onstage; the tough guy image can turn off an entire audience. 

But you can go to je taime and find a good one for free (male and female version).

The skin is also free at Faces Studios. I've blogged here before. And the pants you will find for free at Gizza.

Alon is wearing:

Skin: Hamaki Clean HB by Faces (group gift - blogged here before)
Eyes: estate 6-2 by perception
Hair: Military cap by Argrace
Jacket: Leather Jacket Fire of Desire by je taime (group gift)
Pants: DarkBlue Jean Male by Gizza (group gift)
Shoes: SETT camel boots by SAIKIN

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Zeus by Faces Studios

Zeus is one of those skins you’d see in a mag or on a poster and immediately fall in love with.

His incredibly realistic face is only beaten by his awesomely sculpted body, only made more interesting by his tanned complexion.

He's sexy, he's scary and his scar makes a great skin to play rpg.

9 face hair
Vividtone availabe 
each pack 1,199
fat pack 6,499

Faces Studios

Alon Alphaville