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Fashion by Double A Presents: MANDALA

Well-chosen jewelry from watches to bracelets allow a man to express a side of his personality to the world that clothing and men's hairstyles simply cannot communicate.

As fashion trends change and the taste for men’s jewelry oscillates between the practical uses of the wristwatch to the symbolism of the signet ring, you can be assured that MANDALA has the latest releases offering and are on the pulse of the next great trend in men’s jewelry.

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Kerim Skin by Egoisme

 This is Kerim, the new release male skin by Egoisme.

Base Skin Pack 900L$ :
6 skins:
with body hair
with happy trail
bald and hair option on head
6 Makeups tattoo layers tintabl
styling card
1 eyebrows settings for shape
2 eyes

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Jacob Skin by Belleza

In some languages the word Belleza means "Beauty". Jacob is the perfect translation in "pixels language" to Belleza. That's what I felt like writing when I saw this skin on my avatar. 

With simple lines on the face Jacob draws a shy while sexy guy, determined while subtle. He says a lot while not saying a word at all!

That's the impression I had for that skin. Not many words, but all really said, just looking at him.

Alon Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Akeruka City Sneak Peak

We have a secret to tell you.... but it's only for you that follow our blog....

..... Akeruka City!! 

But what is that? We don't have much more to say yet....

...... but it will be a place with a lot of great stores, a place where it will be impossible not to shop!

Keep following our blog, more details will be revealed soon!

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville

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Fashion by Double A Presents: Back to Black

I'm not sure of how much you have heard about Back to Black event, but it's such a great cause. Back to Black is an awareness event regarding mental health. Yes, it's real and it's great to be able to participate of it somehow. Maybe you don't have a problem... today. Don't ignore it. A better world is made of love and compassion, caring and supporting. 

Just like us, some designers are participating of this event that is happening at Chic. New and exclusive items were designed to form a collection inspired by words of hope and courage. At this post we are showing some of these items.
Ayalla and Alon are wearing skins made by Akeruka, exclusive for this event. Ayalla's outfit is made by Izzie's
Our poses are also found there. Ayalla's poses are made by Sparrowtree Studios Poses and Squeek. Alon's poses Aushka & Co.

Alon wears:
Skin: Damien Skin by Akeruka for Back to Black
Facial Hair: Express Yourself Facial Hair 7 by Vaya con Dios
Eyes: Dream Eyes 2 by Unique
Hair: Carter Dark Brown by MADesigns
Jacket: Shirred Jacket (stone) by Gabriel
Pants:  Boots in Cargo Pants (Light Khaki) by Gabriel

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Lisa MK01 Skin by Akeruka for Back to Black
Eyes: Dream Eyes by Unique
Hair: Delia (espresso) by Truth
Outfit:  Leisure Outfit black/ grey by Izzie (top and pants)
Shoes:  London Heel Foot (black) by RedGrave

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
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*News* Baistice &Analog Dog

Place : Amia

Hair - Analog Dog - .b Evoke Seashell *New* (Ty Queue Marlowe)
Skin - [Atomic] - Grace Skin Buff Be Mine - available in TDR Blue
Shape – *ANNA SHAPES* – Juliet *100L$* Special price – available in GRUT Pet Home & Bazar
Eyes – .ID. Insufferable Dastard – Mirror Green
Lashes – ~Mynerva~ – part of GG Milena Cream Preview *Free* for member group (*50L$ fee*- secondlife:///app/group/244b67a7-dc0b-2d29-0cd7-0bf5d0c2fedf/about)
Nails - Izzie’s – Metallic Nails
Shirt - Baiastice - Jem Shirt Purple/Fuchsia *New* (Mesh) (Ty Sissy Pessoa)
Pants - Baiastice - Leather Leggings Black *New* (Mesh)
Bag - Izzie's - Satchel Bag black (Ty Izzie Button)
Shoes - N-core - COQUETTE Platform Pink
*Free* WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #103 (Ty Nuria Augapfel)
Pose - *EverGlow* - Model563 (Ty Fanny Willis)

Analy Amat
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Akeruka @ Back to Black

Back to Black event - From Feb 11th to Feb 29th 2012

We’d love to announce that are taking part of the BACK TO BLACK. It’s an awareness event promoted by CHIC Management where we will all put efforts together to remind people about mental problems and its affects on absolutely everything we do, including people we know, how we interact with them, how they react to us and so.

Around the event space our customers will find not only amazing creations of several qualified creators inspired by words of hope and courage, but also information about mental diseases and places around thee world where people can access in RL and ask for support and more useful information.

You will find Akeruka Italian Creations inspired items there as we are very honored of supporting this very important event.

Our inspiration was about fighting! So we released for this event the female skin Lisa with two amazing fighter make ups and the male skin Damien in the same version of fighter!

So grab yours! These fighter skins are definitely gonna be used by you in several occasions!
Back to Black event - From Feb 11th to Feb 29th 2012

Ayalla Alphaville 
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AKERUKA goes to Fantasy! 
this is our first Fantasy release and soon will be more and more...

Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: Akeruka@ Proposers!

You may be asking “what the hell is Akeruka Skins doing @ a pose expo?”

I know, it’s strange, but we just love participating of amazing events, so we are here too!

Due to the success of this event, the organizers of the expo are helping people come and have less lag during their visit to the sim wearing our complete skin outfit! That’s why we are at the expo!

To give you a free male and female outfit with the best quality in skins that Akeruka always preserves!
Just visit the expo at:

and visit our stand where you can see the pictured vendor and buy the complete outfit for women and man for 0L!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying giving it to you!

Ayalla Alphaville
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Fashion by Double A Presents: [hoorenbeek] & GIZZA

This amazing Tricot Set got my attention as soon as I stepped at Gizza's. Not only for the combination of the colors, but also because of the good taste in the details and the elegance and presence that this outfit provides to the avatar.

On the top the neckline that enhances the breasts and the scarf with the rose giving the feminine touch that the look deserves. The belt connects a short and enough skirt that values the hips without vulgarization of the appearance and beauty of the look. It's the resume of a modern and elegant woman, ready for whatever it comes along her day. Just confident as every woman should be.

As long as it adheres closely to the body rather than being big and baggy, a turtleneck shirt or sweater is a great alternative to a dress-shirt-and-tie combination as it looks just as classy but is generally more comfortable to wear.

When you see men wearing turtlenecks these days, they tend to be oversized and have a zip front. While such a sweater is fine for running errands on casual days, this piece from [hoorenbeek] reminds us of the reason turtlenecks became fashionable in the first place -- they offer an extremely elegant look in one understated, cozy piece.

Poses by Izumia and Manifeste

Alon Alphaville

Skin: Birth - Nico Skin straw
Hair: MADesigns - Andrei (new release)
Outfit: [Hoorenbeek] - Lestat 2.0
(Comes with jacket, pants, Turtleneck shirt, Cambridge Boots, Sunglasses Lestat)

Ayalla Alphaville:
Shoes: Mz. Sparkles by MZ. Shoes
Earrings: Imani by Finesmith
Outfit: Tricot Set (Ultramarine) by Gizza
Hair: Tammy (espresso) by Truth
Skin: Melissa (pale) by Unique
Eyes: Dream by Unique
Eyelashes: Elemental by Redgrave

Alon Alphaville and Ayalla Alphaville