Fashion by Double A Presents: Gizza and Hoorenbeek

"When a guy takes off his coat, he's not going to fight. When a guy takes off his wristwatch, watch out!"

The timepiece is undeniably a reminder of the retro. Wear the new  Watch no.37 Lancelot by *chronokit* , and you’ll want to call up your travel agent for a ticket on Pan Am to Burma. Come to think of it, wear the watch and you’ll want to fly the aircraft there yourself.

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Chantal (Caramel) by Al Vulo
Eyes: Bella (Dusty) by Redgrave
Hair: Auralle (Honey) by Truth
Earrings: Ayelet (gold orange) by Finesmith 
Jumpsuit: Valentino Inspiration (Beige)

Alon wears:
Skin: Crow Skin by Nivaro
Eyes: Basic Naturals by [sauce]
Hair: Chris Velveteen by MADesigns
Top: Sweater with Shirt Mesh by [hoorenbeek]
Bottom: Classic Jeans Mesh by [hoorenbeek]
Shoes: Loafers w/strip [hoorenbeek]
Watch: Watch no.37 Lancelot by *chronokit*

 Alon Alphaville

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Tarah | May 6, 2012 at 11:15 PM

It is said that a watches, leather belts and leather shoes are the most important accessories for men. And so they value these things.

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