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The skilled observer will take note of a very interesting fact about fashion: it either changes capriciously or evolves brilliantly. While the former is driven by the fickle tendencies of fashion mavens, the latter results from something much more fascinating: innovation.

A rare modernization is leading to the evolution of the hoodie; new realities have brought about the extreme urbanization and sophistication of this multifaceted garment. Slipping a hoodie underneath your blazer is a clever way to insulate yourself against gusting fall winds without having to break out your winter jacket. Make a fall style statement while keeping cozy with this blazer from [hoorenbeek].

Cargo pants are still in style this season, however, the "cool ones" (I hate that expression) feature extra details that make all the difference. Check out these enhanced cargo pants from Elephant Outfitters.

50's style swing dance dress. This 1950s inspired swing dance dress has all the bells and whistles, with light petticoat underneath. It's simply divine. This polka dot party dress is totally retro. A peek-a-boo tulle petticoat gives the skirt an A-line flare in contrast to the fitted bodice and bra cup bust-line. This is the creativity in world, new release by Vassnia. The outfit includes the boots, the hair ribbon, socks and sunglasses.

Ayalla's skin and shape is also a new release, by DeeTalez. The hair is by Dura Hair.

And now, focusing in the accessories, nobody does athletic eyewear like Kalnins, and its new polarized dispatch model is the latest and greatest in the line of casual men's sunglasses. Its most dynamic shades to date, the Riches by Kalnins model, is customizable from every angle; lens different colors  add your own  personal touch. These oversize plastic shades are casual and cool, just like a pair of Kalnins sunglasses should be.

Keep comfortable in this classic, casual moc toe boot with a modern twist. The Wallabee from [hoorenbeek] has been a synonymous with comfort, and it’s designed with technology that makes it even easier to care for. The stylish moccasin design allows a natural toe spread for a consistently enjoyable walking experience. Leather upper and sockliner keep feet comfortably dry, while the rubber outsole helps keep you steady on your feet—even in wet conditions.
 Telephone Box is a small structure furnished with a payphone and designed for a telephone user's convenience. Such a booth usually has a door to provide privacy and a window to let others know if the booth is in use. The Red Telephone Box from {what next} has 16 poses (female and male). It's availabe at Pose Fair 2011.

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin and Shape: Mell Light - by DeeTaleZ
Eyes: Glossy Eye Chic Boutique Edition (Indigo) - by Rozena
Hair: Girl # 19 - by Dura Hair
Outfit: Kiss me dress - sweet&rebel girlie polka dots (includes shoes) - by .::Vassnia::.

Alon is wearing:
Skin: Maurice Beard 3 by Egoisme (new release)
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Hair: Varsity Brown 1 by Coma
Jacket: Blazer with Hoddy Blue by [hoorenbeek] (new release)
Pants: Classic Cargos by (Elephant Outfitters)
Shoes: Wallabees Blue/Orange by [hoorenbeek] (new release)
Necklace: Pentagram s2 by MadeForYou (new release)
Sunglasses: Riches by Kalnins (new release)

Red Telephone Box Pose Pop by {what next} 

Alon Alphaville and Ayalla Alphaville

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