Double A Presents: ROZOREGALIA

Oh boy... I don't even know how to start this post! It's just because it's something so much above my expectations in terms of fashion in pixels.  

First of all, I want to talk about Rozoregalia. If you understand how important accessories are to complete your look, then you will become a fan of Rozoregalia

There are a few features about this store that really got my attention, but the most important ones were: quality and creativity.

I'll show here some fancy items, I'm sure you'll love them, just like I did. 

This first one is an eyepatch. It includes 3 options of wearing: both eyes, right and left only. You can resize it to better fit the size of your face. 

I went into a Moulin Rouge mood when I saw these items from Rozoregalia. So, in the picture bellow, I am wearing the eyepatch that I've already mentioned and a furnecklace, the gloves and this sexy pipe.

This collection is called BOUHACHI. The items are available in black and they have script to resize.

One important detail about the pipe, it includes poses! So, you don't need to worry that if you wear a pipe your AO will put it into your tights, or wherever else, because it does have its own poses!

And my personal hint here is: to wear this furnecklace, please find a tied up hair! This one I am wearing is from Laqkoki - HB Style # 08. Otherwise, you will mess up the hair and the furnecklace!! It's very important to watch your prims!

It's just amazing. I loved this new collection by Rozoregalia.

The store is really totally worth of a visit!

Ayalla Alphaville

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