Double A presents: ::Gabriel::

It's such a honor to make this post. Not only because of the clothes that have an amazing quality, but also because of the people we had the chance to meet.

Gabriel is the highlight at this time!

We had the great pleasure to meet Takuya Jinn (Gabriel's owner and creator) and Argnit Igaly (Gabriel's Manager) in a runaway show in an island called Fashionista Island.

That's why this post deserves more than an exposition of clothes and good pictures. It deserves information about this amazing brand made by amazing people.
During Oct 31st to Nov 6th, 2010, it's happening the Japan Fashion Week at Fashionista Island. Gabriel has participated of this show on Sunday (Oct 31st) presenting their Autum 2010 released collection. During the Japan Fashion Week, you can find a special gift at Gabriel (only until Nov 6th, 2010). It's a set of unisex scarf and gloves per 1L.

It's interesting to know where designers get theirs inspiration from to make their clothes and then understand their style and their target public. Takuya creations are more the sexy and cool style. For the guys, he tries to make clothes he would like to wear himself and for girls, he tries to make clothes that he would like to see a girl wearing. It's just like that.

Well, I can say that Takuya has a great imagination though! 

Ayalla Alphaville is wearing the dress Highneck sweater (Brown) by Gabriel. It's a kind of sweater dress that is also available in color black. Alon Alphaville is wearing Down Vest and cargo pants brown. It's available in the black color too.

If you want to know more about Gabriel, you can visit the store. Actually, it's worth of a visit. You can also join the update group. It's free to join and you can be the first to know about releases and much more!

We also got the pictures at Fashionista Island - Superelite. This is such a great island to look around, with a modern and oriental decoration and another amazing designers have their stores located there.

Our special thanks to Takuya and Argnit.

Have a great week you all!

Ayalla and Alon A.

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