Fashion by Double A Presents: Manuel by Akeruka

Manuel skin is really gorgeous, and he has that really handsome James Bond look about him.

He has a great body that should be displayed, tight and not over-the-top athletic. Just enough muscle to keep us all interested.

This skin comes in 5 skin tones:
Natural, Sunkissed. Olive and Tan.

Manuel will be offered in 9 Face options:
Shaved, Stubble, Soul Patch, Goatie 1, Goatie 2, Goatie 3, Beard, Chin Beard, Full Beard.

You can purchase them as individual skins, column style or Fatpack.
each skin pack include options as: Hairbase and Haired Body in all combinations.
also include Eyeliner as Tattoo Layer.

Akeruka is the newest store of skins and even though new, the store already carries a tradition and the experience of some years of great work of Kaoz Koba ( NOAH, LIAM, MARK, SEAN ).

Alon Alphaville

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