Fashion by Double A Presents: Kal Skin by Akeruka

I'm more than honored to blog this skin by Akeruka. I'm a long term fan from Kaoz Koba. This skin will show you why and I'm sure that you will become his fan too!

This guy is called Kal. This skin is available in 5 skin tones: Pale, Natural, Olive, Tan and Dark. Shaved, 
Stubble, Soul Patch, Goatie 1, Goatie 2, Goatie 3, Beard, Chin Beard, Full Beard.You can purchase them as individual skins, column style or Fatpack. Each skin pack include options as: Hairbase and Haired Body in all combinations. It also includes Eyeliner as Tattoo Layer.

This is not a very muscular body, what brings it closer to the reality, to a real human body!

Alon Alphaville

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hoxn Ln | December 25, 2018 at 1:04 AM

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