Fashion by Double A Presents: Riccardo new male skin by Egoisme

"... from deep in the jungle undergrowth, a man emerges, his handsome face in profile against the setting sun, its amber rays casting a golden light along his strong nose, his sensual lips illuminated by the dappled evening light.

Then suddenly, he moves forward-lithe and strong, muscular and proud; as fierce as a lion and powerful like a panther...."

Riccardo is a strong stunning man, firece and powerful,  his oriental shape with lighted eyes  make of him the best man you want meet everyday.

Deep and shady eyes that make you to shiver,  his erotic lips ready to give you the kiss you have even wanted, his strong body ready to fight and win...

FIVE different tones for this incredible new stunning skin, FOUR different hairbases for the skin!!!!

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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