Fashion by Double A Presents: Accessories for man!

 Accessorizing can be such a nasty word when it comes to men’s fashion. Judging by the selection of men’s bracelets and necklaces in recent years, it wouldn't be hard to understand why. The men’s jewelry business outside of gaudy gold jewelry behemoths used to be nearly nonexistent. As any woman will tell you, it can be impossible to make a real statement with what you’re wearing if it doesn't have that little something extra. The same is true for men. 

If you’re going to drop a fortune on a stylish new pair of men's jeans, you might as well have the fancy belt to match. But who says you need to shell out mountains of cash on a belt that blends quality construction with premium leather? This loose belt brown by Gabriel mixes fine real texture leather with quality Japanese craftsmanship - at an amazingly group gift.

So go ahead and fork out a few extra dollars on your designer jeans, 'cause you’ll be able to save some scratch on this sturdy brown belt that keeps it classic.

Tattoos are no longer taboo - they've been part of mainstream culture for some time now and it's clear that they're here to stay. Men worldwide get their bodies tattooed for a million and one reasons, including marking a drastic change in their lives, or highlighting something that influenced them, either in a positive or negative way. I picked up some awesome tattoos to show you. The body birds tattoo from Kosh are very sensual and discret, if you are making some drama, Kosh also have a tattoo solution to show your moody: get these tears! And this hand tattoo from Kandy Tattoos is very original.

Skin: Maurice Eyeliner Chin2 by Egoisme
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Eyes: Eyes Awake by MADesigns
Undewears: Verge Boxer Birefs by Aitui
Pants: Cargo Pants Brown by Gabriel
Hair/Cap: BakerBoy Cap and Hair by Mr. Poet - Culture Shock 2011
Necklace: UnisexNecklace Esses by MadeForYou
Bracelet: 3in1 Unisex R by MadeForYou
Belt: loose belt brown by Gabriel (group gift)
Shoes: Style Sneakers Brown by Redgrave
Tattoo hand:Yvo  hand tattoo 1 by   by kandy  tattoos
Tattoo body: Flock of Birds by Kosh
Tattoo face: To Much Stress - drama - by Kosh

Alon Alphaville

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