Fashion By Double A Presents:Designer invited: Jamman

Today I will introduce you Jamman!! Jamman is an incredible jewelry and nails Creator in Second Life.
To know more his work visit his blog: JAMMAN JEWELS. Lose yourself in a luxurious world of enchantment with the exciting elegance of Jamman. There is an inexplicable awe and edgy intensity of an Jamman jewelry, nails,  or accessory that is mysteriously magical. 

His attention to detail is that of a surgeon. His daring designs and fantastic fit bring deep and hidden desires to life in his original and unique masterpieces. There is something dark, beautiful, and inexplicable about the mysterious magnetism of a Jamman creation. 

Jamman wears (right):

Face Tattoo : ELVEN Shark Face Tattoo
Amr Tattoo ELVEN Scorpion King
Headset : [NeurolaB Inc.] headphones Hi.Beat-2 (Black) 1.1
Tank : Shiver : Tank Top Red 
Pants : [Neurolab Inc.] MESH Baggyz MAN (Size 1) Uni Black Electro
Shoes : [Neurolab Inc.] MESH ShoKs Shoes (R) Red

Bracelets : New age Afromoon male Bracelet by  Jamman  &Mesh Bracelet play the game club left Male By Jamman
Nails : Male Deluxe Fingernails Hud Controled  V4.6 by Jamman
Necklace : New Age Male Afromoon Necklace By  Jamman  & New Age BIG CROSS Necklace By Jamman

Alon wears:

Skin: Nivaro - Crow - exclusive for The Men's Dept.
Hair: MADesigns
Eyes: Jamman  - Green - (not for sell)
Nails : Male Deluxe Fingernails Hud Controled  V4.6 by Jamman
Necklace :  New Age BIG CROSS Necklace By Jamman
Bracelets : New age Afromoon male Bracelet by Jamman

Alon Alphaville and Jamman
(Fashion by Double A)

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hoxn Ln | November 1, 2018 at 12:15 AM

Yael Designs and Human Hair Wigs master lapidarist, Glenn Lehrer are at the forefront of such cutting edge designs with the creation of a, 18K white gold, moonstone and diamond "Sentience" bangle that features a Diamond Jewelry 7-carat, pear-shaped central tanzanite gem that is set inside a 26-carat, cushion-cut aquamarine stone.The late Canadian artist Fashion Jewelry and designer, Tobias Wong.

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