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FUOCO outfit comes shirt/pants/shoes
Enviable style isn’t about having the latest labels or trying out every trend. In fact, great taste is often found in a simple yet timeless ensemble. For example, it’s hard to beat the sporty sophistication of white pants.
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SHIRT by Innuendo
Ever notice how everything seems a little more relaxed in the summer? Maybe the warm weather causes it -- perhaps the need for less fabric implies informality. Unless you want to be extremely uncomfortable in this hot weather, you might prefer to go tie-less at work, in which case you should find some lightweight suits and maybe even go collarless with a sports coat and pants.

A casual executive piece for your wardrobe and the tweak chic staple item of choice...

This lightweight, tape trim shirt from Innuendo is perfect for dressing down your office wear. Tuck it into a pair of slacks or, depending on the level of casualness in your office.

Clothes by Innuendo

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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