Fashion By Double A Presents: Byron Skin - Aeros Avatar

This is another one of those shoots where I almost don’t need to say anything at all, because as soon as you see them you know what I would be talking about. There are three things specifically that make this guy, and this shoot, really sexy…

The first thing to mention is that Byron is gorgeous. The skin is the newest release from Aeros.

The next thing to mention is that sexy fur across his chest. Or if you hair!

Oh, and the last thing is from Aeros. Experience sophisticated and realistic skins and shapes featuring exquisitely crafted detail, high definition and seamless 360-degree body care.

Byron comes:

6 skins in 2 variations (smooth and bodyhair)
3 tones
3 shapes
2 hair base
3 beard styles
2 brows

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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