Fashion By Double A Presents: Something cool for Wednesday

 No man's wardrobe should be without a classic plaid shirt. Right on target! You don't need to hunt high and low to find a desirable image. Aim for amazing wearing the [Blink] mesh Jean! - complete mesh outfit.
There's no mistaking the Earthkeepers Rugged 6" Boot from Hoorenbeek for anything but the hard-wearing and durable boot that it is!

Alon wears:

Skin: Step Inside - BORIS normal 10 
Eyes: Poetic Color - classic gen4 - black coral - small dark (The Mens Depto)
Hair: [COLORS] 45 DarkBrown
Outfit: [The Blink] Plaid Shirt / Jeans
Sunglasses: Egoisme Sunglasses White
Watch: Ruca Tease Mens watch enjoy (gift in the store)
Necklace: [HANDverk]Rio Grande Bolo Tie.turquoise/coral.spine (The Mens Depto)
Ring: [HANDverk]Rio Grande Ring.turquoise/coral.right (The Mens Depto)
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] EarthKeeper 

Poses: Posesion - Glam Male 

Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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