No doubts that a good hair tells a lot about you. Sometimes we're just wearing jeans but with a good hair style (even with a simple brush and dry), that we catch people attention.

A good hair means health! In SL things are much easier. You don't need to wast time drying your hair, waking up 30 minutes earlier to make a good brush and so. All you need to do is look for a good quality hair and attach it!

So this is my hint for this week: TRUTH.

This model bellow is called Tamina. I know a lot of girls that love long hairs, even if they are not young anymore, they just love it. If this is your case, this is a good option for you. You can still have a beautiful long hair without compromising your look. Sometimes the hairs are so long or so bad treated or explored that makes you feel older and ugly. Tamina is a good hair to use in a casual occasion, something relaxed, not formal at all.

Still talking about long hairs, this model is called Liv. It's more a wild style mixed with a well treated look. You can have this long hair as an option for any casual occasion. But please remember that long hairs in this wild style will cover your top. So try to use a simple one, with less details (mainly prims, because they will be over each other and you'll look as a mess!!).

A casual occasion may allow you to look younger too. If you like looking like a teenager just to vary a little bit, for example a Saturday afternoon with friends, just hanging out, Cleo should be your choice. Take care with the colors and style of the clothes you'll pick then, otherwise you'll really look like a child, not only have a light young visual.

And some important detail about buying hairs: you can pic a DEMO version before buying it!!! Can you guess why I'm in love with this virtual life? 

This store is called Truth and they do have some male hairs too. Worth of a visit.

Ayalla A.

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