Fashion by Double A Presents: Akeruka @ Back to Black

Back to Black event - From Feb 11th to Feb 29th 2012

We’d love to announce that are taking part of the BACK TO BLACK. It’s an awareness event promoted by CHIC Management where we will all put efforts together to remind people about mental problems and its affects on absolutely everything we do, including people we know, how we interact with them, how they react to us and so.

Around the event space our customers will find not only amazing creations of several qualified creators inspired by words of hope and courage, but also information about mental diseases and places around thee world where people can access in RL and ask for support and more useful information.

You will find Akeruka Italian Creations inspired items there as we are very honored of supporting this very important event.

Our inspiration was about fighting! So we released for this event the female skin Lisa with two amazing fighter make ups and the male skin Damien in the same version of fighter!

So grab yours! These fighter skins are definitely gonna be used by you in several occasions!
Back to Black event - From Feb 11th to Feb 29th 2012

Ayalla Alphaville 

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