Fashion by Double A Presents: Back to Black

I'm not sure of how much you have heard about Back to Black event, but it's such a great cause. Back to Black is an awareness event regarding mental health. Yes, it's real and it's great to be able to participate of it somehow. Maybe you don't have a problem... today. Don't ignore it. A better world is made of love and compassion, caring and supporting. 

Just like us, some designers are participating of this event that is happening at Chic. New and exclusive items were designed to form a collection inspired by words of hope and courage. At this post we are showing some of these items.
Ayalla and Alon are wearing skins made by Akeruka, exclusive for this event. Ayalla's outfit is made by Izzie's
Our poses are also found there. Ayalla's poses are made by Sparrowtree Studios Poses and Squeek. Alon's poses Aushka & Co.

Alon wears:
Skin: Damien Skin by Akeruka for Back to Black
Facial Hair: Express Yourself Facial Hair 7 by Vaya con Dios
Eyes: Dream Eyes 2 by Unique
Hair: Carter Dark Brown by MADesigns
Jacket: Shirred Jacket (stone) by Gabriel
Pants:  Boots in Cargo Pants (Light Khaki) by Gabriel

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Lisa MK01 Skin by Akeruka for Back to Black
Eyes: Dream Eyes by Unique
Hair: Delia (espresso) by Truth
Outfit:  Leisure Outfit black/ grey by Izzie (top and pants)
Shoes:  London Heel Foot (black) by RedGrave

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville

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