The Garment Rack: Definitely Diva, Ricielli

It seems that summer, and all the RL that comes with it, has thrown me off my blog rhythmn at least for the moment. Not to worry though, once everything settles down, I'll be back in full swing.

 Not to worry, though! I have not abandoned you all completely! In fact... while I was searching Ricielli on assignment, I found myself with way too many outfits and only in need of one, so... I'm going to share this one with you. Of course, good stylings are a bit of this and a bit of that so I have to bring attention to Salon de GLOW, courtesy of Egoisme, too!
  The Garment Rack:  Definitely Diva, Ricielli

The Garment Rack:  Definitely Diva, Ricielli 2

Shape: by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin: Lynnsha by [LS] Skins
Hair: CL-01 by Salon de GLOW - Egoisme
Outfit: Diva Jumpsuit by Ricielli Mesh
Shoes: Poison by N-core
Accessories: Folieole Blossom Earrings by Finesmith

 NB: bold italics indicate featured items/designers

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