Fashion by Double A Presents: Walking around on the weekend

We put together some nice outfits and decided to explore SL to get some cool pictures and blog! So here we go!

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Bashyra Pale Skin Candy - by .::Divine::.
Hair: Nahla 2 (night) - by Truth
Eyes: Real Eye (grape soda) - by Rozena
Dress: Doll Dress (pink/orange) - by CandyDoll
Shoes: Strap Heels (white) - by RedGrave
Pose: Agapee

Alon wears:

Skin: Adhan Montreal BrownMan #02 by [Sekuella]
Eyes: EyesGreen Realistic by [Sekuella]
Eyelashes: Adhan Montreal by [Sekuella]
Hair: JeS.Hair Black by JeSylilo
Jacket/Shirt: Work Shirt by Mr.Poet
Pants: Boy's roll up jean by MAKNIE
Shoes: Homme_Lace by COCO
Pose: Everglow

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