Fashion by Double A Presents: aDiva Couture- Final Sale (closing sale)

It's with my heart broken that I will make this post. One of my favorites stores in SL is closing! AnneJoy Paine, owner and creator of aDiva Couture has decided to close her store for personal reasons. It's sad, but we need to respect her, right? 
This is the notice she sent to us:

"It was fun....
but now its time to move on, Ladies.

I was very happy to get the chance to design for all of you. And so i want to say thank you to all my lovely customers and group members. 
aDiva shop closes its doors at the end of january. But till then, there is a sale. All marked down to 50%!  So, if you need some of my latest designs, head over and grab them. 
yours, as always Anne , wishing you a very good second life"

Thanks AnneJoy for all your wonderful creations and I wish you the best for your both lives!

Let's enjoy this final sale girls? There's still time to be aDiva!!!

Have a great day you all!

Ayalla Alphaville

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