Fashion by Double A Presents: Zaara and Alphamale

It’s freezing and raining outside. But it’s hot as hell inside.
Although you might find yourself spending more on clothing this fall than you did last year, 
given that we’re not completely in the clear when it comes to the recession, you’ll still want to 
consider your purchases carefully. 

Here we take a staple that every guy might to have in his wardrobe -- a classic black leather jacket, classic jeans with belt, tee dark. The name for this new outfit is Black and Charcoal set from Alphamale.
As you’ll see, all it takes to update your wardrobe for the season ahead is one or two new, 
of-the-moment pieces and a bit of shopping in your own closet.
To the girls, Zaara is an amazing option with quality and style. It's a mix of modern and their Indian style in the textures and creativity. Not forgetting to mention the quality.  

Alon is wearing JJDaef FX Skin  by Tellaq. This is an amazing realistic skin. Bright, vivid, breathtaking skins.
Tellaq has his own style, go check it out this skin store.

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Kristten - by Unique Megastore
Eyes: Aimesi Eyes 3 - by Aimesi
Outfit:  Xacuti *acid green- pink * - by Zaara
Eyelashes: Flirty (brown) - by Laqroki
Hair: Ali (blackberry) - by Exile (freebie)
Shoes:  Ilaida Mojri jeweled edition *black* - by Zaara

Alon wears:
Skin: JJDaef FX Skin  by Tellaq
Shape: JJDaef FX Shape by Tellaq
Eyes: Eyes3 Brown by Aimesi
Outfit: Black and Charcoal set by Alphamale
Shoes: Cowboy Shoes Black by Redgrave

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