Fashion by Double A Presents: Black x Black

Are you looking for something more elegant or maybe more creative, cheap, different! Here it goes some super sharing with you!

These are new releases that are worth of a look. Ayalla is wearing an outifit called Black Swan, and it's indeed. If you didn't see the movie yet, you should do it... it's a very good one. Alon is wearing a new release from Gabriel and as usual, awesome quality, full of details, a must have item!

 This is Brent from F I L T H Y SKINS, comes with 4 skin tones and shape for free in the group. But for you join the group need to pay $199. But it is worthy!

We also had a great time while taking these pictures at Coffee & Bar- Shiva. It's a very cozy place, with kind and beautiful people! Nothing to do tonight? Try a visit!

Alon wears:
Skin: Brent Pale by F I L T H Y SKINS (grup gift)
Shape: Brent Shape by F I L T H Y SKINS (group gift)
Eyes: Eyes3 Green2 by Aimesi
Hair: Drake Streaked espresso by Truth
Outfit: Metallic Stripe suit with green shirt by Gabriel (new release)
Shoes:  Charlston Loafer by Redgrave

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Derya Skin Rose Freckles Tan - by Change
Outfit: The Black Swan - by Lemania (it includes shoes) - 1L for group members!!!
Hair: Amelie (night) - by Truth


Cindy Rage | January 27, 2011 at 7:15 AM

Hello fashion Alon and Ayalla... love the photos ty to get the name of the Coffee&Bar in you text..

Hope to se you 2 in the C&B Shiva for fun or for more Photos shot's .
Kiss's and kep up whit that cool work

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