Fashion by Double A Presents: Dress your feelings

Alon is wearing a stylish leather jacket exudes confidence, luxury, and a certain je ne sais quoi commonly known as sex appeal. Perhaps it's because leather jackets have, for as long as I can remember, been associated with guys with a bad-boy image -- mobsters, celebrity badasses and motorcycle enthusiasts alike exude such personas.

This [hoorenbeek] Leather Blazer will turn your wardrobe on its ear. A simple two-button front closure with pick stitching on the lapels, welt pockets at the hip and a single breast pocket with a tailored silhouette complete this modern blazer.

Also in this Raymond outfit you will match the brown stripped polo. Stripes are a timeless pattern that flatters any physique, particularly when they’re wide like the ones on this shirt. They’re also easy to wear with just about anything, and this shirt is no exception -- practically infinite possibilities exist for how you can make it your own. 

Just about every company out there features a set of aviators in their sunglasses line, but few have the style of hoorenbeek’s molded  frames. They are uniquely dark, wholly urban and above all else, very cool. Are these the future of the aviator look? We think they might be. 

Raymond outfit: Hair/hat, sunglasses, jacket, shirt, belt, pants and shoes - by [hoorenbeek]

Remember the time when every girl walking down the street was wearing a squeezer T-Shirt that exposed every inch of back fat between her jeans and her shirt????

Sillouettes are becoming longer and looser on top. It started during the boho chic craze, even with those who weren't boho...(in fact it really started in the 80's and went out in the 90's). This is also naturally causing a revolution in the world of Tops. Young fashionistas are now looking to longer and looser top sillouettes with more organic shapes. Girls are wanting longer looser T's and Tanks to wear over their pants and leggings.So, check this new release loose shirt - by Egoisme.

These capris by Egoisme fit beautifully, hold their shape, with the stretch fabric are neither too close fitting nor too loose. A casual capri to pair with your dazzling, cute tops!

Alon wears:
Skin: Kyle by Sorry.Asia
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Outfit: Raymond by [hoorenbeek] - hair,sunglasses,jacket,shirt,belt,pants,shoes
Cigarette Rolled by [NikotiN] - (available at Grunge Soul Project)

Ayalla wears:
Skin and Shape: Anie - by Filthy
Eyes: Poetic Colors (free)
Hair: Erika (night) - by Truth
Top: loose shirts - by Egoisme
Pants: Capri jeans with belt -  by Egoisme

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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