Fashion by Double A Presents: Dress your soul!

Algonquian halp pants by Gabriel come in a relaxed fit, both of which are hot styles for a hot summer.
Getting into a pair of these shorts will wow you and you could care less what the rest think. While you’re feeling good and struttin’ your stuff, you can take comfort in knowing that your core temperature is cool and you look good.

I heard a phrase these days from a friend saying: "that's the power of the female body! We have that power girls! This is a sexy latex shapper by Vassnia.

Temple of Nature Tattoo by Birth is  a reaffirming of affinity to the indigenous artistic style of our ancestors. 

This hair is the new release by Truth, called Claudia. I am wearing here the streaked (burgundy) version. The skin is powered by Akeruka, lady Audrey.

Alon is wearing:
Skin: Reese straw smart by Birth
Hair: James by MADesigns
Shorts: Algonquian halp pants by Gabriel
Tattoo: Temple of Nature Tattoo by Birth
Sunglasses: Advantage I by Role Optic

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin: Audrey (Natural) - by Akeruka
Hair: Claudia - by Truth (new release)
Outfit: Chel in RED - by .::Vassnia::. (includes shoes)

(Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville)

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