Fashion by Double A Presents: Noah Skin by Akeruka

 Noah Skin by Akeruka is one of those skins who needs that emphasis-- AWESOME! It’s hard to explain just how handsome and generally attractive is Noah . Everything about him is simply gorgeous, from his incredible good looks to his lean muscled body.

In fact, Noah is a known face, but his got a new body in this second version. KaoZ Koba, owner of Akeruka, gave a new body to Noah. Now you can check the results.

This skin comes in 5 skin tones:
Light, Natural, Olive, Tan and Dark.

Noah will be offered in 9 Face options:

Shaved, Stubble, Soul Patch, Goatie 1, Goatie 2, Goatie 3, Beard, Chin Beard, Full Beard.
You can purchase them as individual skins, column style or Fatpack.
each skin pack include options as: Hairbase and Haired Body in all combinations.
also include Eyeliner as Tattoo Layer.

Alon Alphaville

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