Double A Present: Sex and the City by Orage Creations

Hello beloved readers!

It's not by accident that our guru Tim Gunn participated of Sex an the City 2. If you are a follower of this tv show or have watched the movies, you know that they give a great value to fashion, and that's why we love them!

I was at Super Elite island, where you can also find some of the most excellent designers in SL and where I met Orage Creations.

Elettra Gausman is the owner and creator of Orage Creations. It's important to mention that she's such a kind person besides a great creator.

So, let's see the Sex and the City inspired items!

This one is the responsible for the main poster of the movie. It includes the glasses and the bracelet. Tell me... isn't it amazing? 

Please take a look at the quality of the texture. It looks so much real. It's a great job, such an art!

This another one, also inspired in Sex and the City 2, it's the casual outfit, it's another well known publicity poster.

It includes the sunglasses. I really loved them. They are not just like the real ones, but the quality of textures, the details, the care with which they were made, are worth mentioning, as well the designer, Elettra Gausman, is worthy to be noticed among the fashion world in SL.

Seriously, visit Orage Creations, there is much more there.

Shoes: Scent of a Rose- White Shoes - by Milady's
Necklace: Iedera- Gold - by Milady's
Hair: Francesca (sandlewood color) - by Truth

Ayalla Alphaville

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