Fashion by Double A Presents: Can you smell the fall?

What is fashion for you? Fashion for me is my style. Fashion for me is to wear what I want, when I want, with a perfect harmony between the pieces you are wearing, your body and skin, weather and my mood! Because sometimes what you wear may not be what most pleases me and what I like may not be what pleases you too, but fashion is all about expressing yourself and who you are in form of clothes! My pick for this post is an urban outfit, absolutely modern and unique style powered by aDiva Couture.

Viviana - by aDiva Couture, announces the fall! Long sleeves and wool and tones of green and brown announces that it's pumpkin time again! The socks have an charming effect in the look. 

Vibrantly patterned revers trims the collar and cuffs. Long sleeves, button-up sport, point collar with collar stays. This is the shirt that Alon picked for that post, powered by Holly . It's a gift of the Stem 5 Hunt. 
Egoísme has this regular rise and straight leg for a classic fit jeans. Dark, distressed wash on non-stretch denim features rips, grinding, whiskers, and fading. Stylish white repair stitch accents on the waist, and pockets. The belt is a  cool vintage-inspired accessory. It's in genuine distressed leather. Burnished metal stud details with larger hammered stud along the middle by Egoisme.
These rough and rugged cowboy boots add an extra touch of style to your masculine wardrobe. Lizard toe and leather shaft with a stylish stonewashed finish. My thanks to [hoorenbeek].

The scenery for this post was our home! We got some nice bench by Zoe's Garden also in the Steam 5 Hunt.

The car is Alon's new toy! It's great for pictures. It's the CARmagedon by L+N Signature Designs also in the Steam 5 hunt.

Lined for comfort, these goggles were made to fit your style and give you charm and confidence. Great for display, collection, costume, or prop use by Jolbey&Jasper.

The skin and eyes are from Izzie's. The scarf and bracelet are included in the outfit and make all the difference if you love details. If you don't, I'm sure it's because you have never tried them!

Alon wears:
Skin: Bento by Sorry.Asia (new release)
Beard: Facial Hair Addons by Sorry.Asia
Shape: Analy Amat's shape 
Eyes: Bento Eyes Gray by Sorry.Asia
Hair: Fox Hair by Uw.St
Shirt: Bronze Male Shirt by Holly (Steam5 Hunt)
Pants: Jeans Deco Japan Dirty by Egoisme
Belt: Leather Waist Belt Rock by Egoisme
Shoes: El Paso Boots by [hoorenbeek]
Goggles:Aviator Goggles brown and gold by Jolbey&Jasper (Steam5 Hunt)

Ayalla wears:
Skin and shape: April (sunkissed) - by Izzie's
Eyes: Reflection (pacific orange) - by Izzie's
Hair: Martina (night) - by Truth
Oufit: Viviana - by aDiva Couture
Shoes: Flowers Ballet Flats (Beige) - by Anexx

Bench: *ZG* Steam Bench - by Zoe's Garden
CARmagedon by L+N Signature Designs

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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