Fashion by Double A Presents: Social Day

There is no doubt that manners maketh a gentleman, but good tailoring plays its part too. As an aside this week, I thought I would look the traditional English gentleman's country clothing.
Less actually is more, for a gentleman tries never to make the egregious mistake of drawing attention to himself by any means other than his elegant reserved style. Just as a good guest never hogs the conversation, so a gentleman never steals the show. This does not, however, mean than one must be dull...

Pants are also an options for girls who want to wear social. This outfit is a modern trend for urban and contemporary girls.   

High Hells and hat to complete the outfit.

Alon wears:
Skin: MeShal lightTan J5 by JeSyLiLO (new release)
Shape: Philip by [{CB}] designs (new release)
Eyes: Classic broken string bright by Poetic Colors (new release)
Outfit: country gent by sf design
Shoes: Classic Loafers brown by Redgrave

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Meggan - by Unique Megastore
Eyebrown: Skintimate (Strawberry Cream) - by Skintimate
Eyes: Refletion (Sapphire) - by Izzie's 
Hair: Rowena (night) - by Truth
Outfit: Tiberia in Black & Red - by Zibware
Shoes: Lace-Up Ankle Boots - by Egoisme

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville

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