Fashion by Double A Presents: Here it comes the fall

In the international world of high fashion, Chinese dresses enjoy a growing popularity. Chinese dresses are known as the "cheongsam" or "qipao." Cheongsam is derived from the Cantonese (and Hong Kong) dialect which translates to "long dress." Qipao is a Mandarin pronunciation which translates to "banner gown."

Today, cheongsams are worn at diverse events as evening wear by the bride in traditional Chinese weddings, in the entertainment and hospitality industries, and even raves. The cheongsam and qipao is a classic dress that continues to inspire new designs from top designers around the world. Made of different materials and to varying lengths (mini length dress, knee length dress, and ankle length dress), these dresses can be worn either on casual or formal occasions. At any occasion, it creates an impression of simple and quiet charm, elegance and neatness. No wonder it is so much liked by women not only of China but of foreign countries as well. This dress is powered by Sassy.

Dressing in today’s global warming climate means that you could very well experience the perils of all four seasons on any given day. These bipolar weather patterns can wreak havoc on those of us who have ascribed to strict seasonal dress codes. The key to bypassing this and to building your wardrobe effectively is to seek out garments that reflect simple, timeless fashion. Fall Breeze, swater outfit, Forest Green by Shiki is a smart piece that will transition easily into your closet for spring, summer, fall, and winter. In other words, next Thursday.

The new stunning skin from Akeruka is Mark. He pulls off the sweet guy look very well but also can bring intensity to his photos.

Alon wears:

Skin: Mark by Akeruka
Shape: Mark by Akeruka
Eyes: classic oak leaf bright by poetic colors
Hair: Brent Dark Brown by MADesigns
Outfit: Fall Breeze -sweater outfit - Forest Green by Shiki
Shoes: Terra by Kalnins

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Meggan - by Unique Megastore
Eyes: Reflection Eyes (sapphire) - by Izzie's
Hair: Rowena (night) - by Truth
Dress: Mandarin dress (plum) - by ~Sassy!~
Shoes: Classic Pumps (white)  - by RedGrave

We got this scenario in front our house:

Cuddle Seashell with Palm Tree & Firepit
(seashell: 3 prims, transfer)
Pam tree & Firepit: 14 prims

Alon Alphaville and Ayalla Alphaville

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