Fashion by Double A Presents: Dress your soul

As previously stated I get bored sitting on the beach all day. When I am bored I drink. Because of that I brought my beer!! lol :)

This quality Oasis Blue shirt by Schoen is an on trend look for the season that pairs perfectly with denim. These shorts are perfect combination for the shirt I am wearing.
Feels good to wear, not a heavy fabric, looks good on me or so my wife says.

Ayalla is wearing Chiffon Summer Dress (pink) - by Izzie's.
Perfect for flirty feminine style, this sweet dress is perfect day-to-night style! If you are fascinated by accessories like Ayalla, you will find the matching bag, necklace and bracelets at Izzie's too. 

This girly and sexy skin is also powered by Izzie's. This impressive look is also by Izzie's. Girls, Izzie's is a store worth of a visit. You can dress your entire avatar there with quality and affordable prices.

Shoes are by Anexx (the shoes line by Aoharu).

Flip-flops are the ultimate summer footwear essential. The great thing about these babies is the multiple returns on your investment. Whether for the beach or popping down to your local corner shop, when the weather is fine, flip-flops are the perfect cushioned open-toe shoe to see you through.

This season, flip-flops surpass the regular surfer-inspired look.And these flip-flops California by [hoorenbeek] are a perfect testament to that fact. Made from brown canvas, these stylish slip-ons are perfect for any casual occasion. (with prim feet)

Alon wears:
Skin: Noah goatie 3 Olive by Akeruka
Eyes: Aquilius - Ajardo Green by Aphotic Gloom
Shape: Dylan by yNtz Shape's (Grunge Soul Project 4 up to 100L)
Hair: 48 JetBlack by [COLORS]
Shirt: Oasis Blue by Schoen
Pants: Oasis Pants by Schoen
Shoes: California by [hoorenbeek]
Beer: Corona/Cooler by *Boof.

Ayalla wears:
Skin and Shape: April (sunkissed) - by Izzie's
Eyes: Reflection (pacific Orange) - by Izzie's
Hair: Martina (night) by  Truth (new release)
Outfit: Chiffon Summer Dress (pink) - by Izzie's
Bag: Leona Barg (pink) - by Izzie's 
Jewelry: pearl bracelets and necklace (pink blue) - by Izzie's
Shoes: Flower Ballet Flats (pink) - by Anexx

Alon and Ayalla Alphaville

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