Fashion by Double A Presents: Fashion For Life - ALEIDA

I am sure you are hearing a lot about Fashion For Life these last few days/ hours. It's because actually we can't stop talking about it! It's not only about fashion, the best of fashion, but it's a human action that is moving amazing people around the grid in the same intent of helping other people.  

This post is not only to show amazing creations and fashion but to invite you to visit and donate and shop at Fashion For Life sims (there are 10 for having fun!!!). Ayalla is featuring one of the items by Aleida that is being sold at Fashion For Life .

Here in highlights Alon is featuring this great necklace by Mandala.  

This skin is also by Aleida and you can get it at Fashion for Life.

This is the Sim where you can find Aleida @ Fashion For Life

Alon wears:
Skin: Jacob Pale 3 - by Belleza
Shape: ANTAEUS - by Sophistishapes
Hair: Dura-Boy*31 - by Dura
Outfit: Camilo Jacket Blue + Jeans - by Aleida
Shoes: Mike Boots - by Aleida
Necklace: Karma Spirited - by MANDALA

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Vega (Sunk - Make 8) - by Aleida
Shape: Meg - by Akeruka
Hair: Dura-Girl*30 - by Dura
Eyelashes: v1.04 - by Izzie
Outfit: Odile dress (turqoise) - by Aleida
Shoes: Malene pumps (soft turqoise) - by Aleida
Poses for both: Everglow 

Ohh I almost forgot!!! We're powered by LUMIPro too! Have you hear about that? It's a great hud that helps us to improve our pictures and play with shadows and much more that we're still finding out too!! For more information you can visit the studio where it's sold LUMIPro or access the LUMIPro blog

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville

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