Fashion by Double A Presents: Tang Dance by HUMANOID

Humanoid - A new venture of talented german artist and media professionals. Represented by Marcus Adkins, Humanoid starts with a unique branding approach and a open philosophy. 
This approach gives you insight of whats behind the brand and where the products come from.
Because you are Human and naturaly you might like to see the Humans which whisper some life into your virtual self.
Also with Humanoid you can be sure your investment in motion does reach a site that does invest in real characters and real facilities - in Humans you can identify with.

Humanoid brings to SL real dances! If you love dancing and partying in SL you need to check this dances out! When you watch how they are made and brought to SL you will understand better what the pictures in this post can't really show you.

This is the pack called Tang. Try it yourself and watch how it's made!

Alon Alphaville

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