Fashion by Double A Presents: Humanoid Igor Dances

SL is a virtual world where we pretend we are alive in pixels and in fact we are!
The best challenge to us, residents of this crazy and perfect world is to bring it closer to reality. Even if reality is not perfect..... funny hun? Well dancing is something we can do with perfection now!

If you check this youtube link ( ), you will understand how the dances are developed and why they come out so perfect! It's technology, creativity and talent!

I got some shot of Alon dancing, baby! Igor (it's the name of this set of dances) got the groove. He enjoys the music for himself and his dance style shows how much he loves the moment.
Unobtrusive but extremely cool and controlled with a perfect feeling for the rhythm.

And here is a little bit about Humanoid! They do Motioncapture the professional way.
No livingroom production that only aims for profit - They care and try to archive the maximum possible quality and style!

Well, they made it. It's fascinating to see your avatar moving like a real person! Amazing!

I'm also with Knox Skin, new release by Fruk and the outfit by RFyre, a new release called Orlando. Matching shoes are by Hoorenbeek (Engineer Boots).

Alon is wearing:

Skin: Knox skin shade 2 by FRUK (new release)
Eyes: Dream Eyes 14 by UniqueHair: Dura-boy*33 by Dura (new release)
Outfit: ORLANDO for MEN by Rfyre (new release)
Boots: Engineer Boots by [hoorenbeek] (new release)

Alon Alphaville

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