Fashion by Double A Presents: STARDUST by [sYs]

In 1999 a 300-kilogram robotic space probe launched by NASA. It was called Stardust. (I got it at wikipedia.. shhh) We believe that the name of this outfit was inspired by it! 

People say that in the future we will be able to travel to space or even live there... so let's say it'll really happen.. are you ready? We're now! At least in our pixels! Stardust outfit is an amazing creation by [sYs]

This pretty face is featuring the Paige skin by Hush. You can find it at the Fashion For Life 2012 until March 20th (and it will benefit a lot of people that need help in RL!!!) or at the main store after that.

This another pretty face is featuring the new release by Akeruka, called Adrian. It has a great definition and  quality. Totally worth a try.

Ayalla wears:

Skin: Paige Skin - CherryBlossom by ~Hush~  (Fashion For Life item!)
Eyes: Dream Eyes 20 by Unique
Eyelashes: Glitter - by Tribal Soul Designs [TS] 
Hair: Vicky (honey) by Truth
Outfit: STARDUST (female pack - includes armband and belt) by [sYs]
Boots: VOGUE ankle boots by [sYs] new!

Alon wears:

Skin: Adrian Natural by Akeruka
Eyes: Dream Eyes 14 by Unique
Hair: Morgan Black by MADesigns
Outfit: STARDUST by [sYs]
Boots: Mike's boots by |Aleida|
Piercing: SINRA Piercing/R/Silver by MANDALA

Poses  by Everglow

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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