Fashion by Double A Presents: Twilight Skins by Redgrave

Bella and Edward.....This fascinating love history arrives in SL. This forever in love couple is being released by Redgrave. 

It's amazing how similar this couple is to the real one! The lines and expressions on the face are great. For Bella and Edward you can get a pack that includes the look for both. Bella has options of lipsticks (tattoos), eyelashes, eyes, ring, bracelet, scalp (tattoo), skins, shape and teeth at this look pack. It's already available at store.

For Edward this look pack includes: eyes, shape, skins (5 beards), Glitter Skin (tattoo), hair base, hair, scalp (tattoo), 5 prim eyes. Edward was released at Menswear. After that it will be available at the store. 

Alon wears:
Skin: Edward Pale Skin by Redgrave
Shape: Edward by Redgrave
Eyes: Prim Eyes Edward Forks by Redgrave
Hair: Hair Edward MidBrown by Redgrave
Outfit: Milano Outfit (Jacket, Pants, Sneakers) by Redgrave
Shoes: Classic Loafer by Redgrave

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Bella Pale Skin by Redgrave
Shape: Bella by Redgrave
Eyes: Bella (Desire) by Redgrave
Eyelashes: Elemental 16 by Redgrave
Lipstick 2: Tattoo peach by Redgrave
Hair: Savina (night) by Truth
Bracelet: Armelet (gold) Bella Look by Redgrave 
Outfit: Coco (Mesh) Jeans & Designer Tops by J.H. Couture
Shoes: Athlete Sneakers Girls (creme/ blue) by Redgrave

Poses by Agapee

Alon Alphaville and Ayalla Alphaville

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