Fashion by Double A Presents: Brown Sugar Couple!

I just love when Alon produces the photos we make. Sometimes you may think it's an easy job to blog, but it is not! First we need to survive SL (it's not easy some days!!!!), then find the correct light settings, the correct place, the best poses matching we both and then, after some crashes, after some people stopping in front of your camera, after some RL interruption and so, we can take our picture and make the post. And so what? We love it!

This shirt that Alon is wearing is a new release from Vero Modero. It's available in short or long sleeves. The male skin is also a new release by Egoisme. The male outfit was complemented with sunglasses and a hat. Accessories are like the coffee you drink when you are eating that amazing piece of cake, you know? It's not necessary, but if you can drink, it's just perfect!

Ayalla wears:
Eyes: Real Eye (grape soda) - by Rozena
Hair: Yolanda (night) - by Truth
Shoes: Digna - by Kalnins (50% off discount)
Outfit: Jenica (brown) - by Nzuri
Skin: Avie - (Fairy smoky) - by RedGrave
Shape: Meggan - by Unique Megastore
Pose: Everglow

Alon wears:
Skin: Ram shaved by Egoisme (new release)
Eyes: HD 24 by Egoisme
Shirt: Mask Pop Shirt by Vero Modero (new release)
Pants: Satin Pants low waist Sands by Redgrave
Shoes: Florenza by Kalnins
Sunglasses: Glamorous by Kalnins
Hat: Chris Velveteen by MADesigns Hair
Pose: Izumiya 

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