Fashion by Double A Presents: PEQE

And here it is, the weekend, finally! Today is a great day to feel sexy!

I want to share with you these outfits from PEQE. They are available in two different colors and there are matching shoes available!

Ayalla wears:

Skin: Simone Skin - by Orage Creations
Hair: Pepper (night) - by Truth
Eyes: Glossy Eyes (indigo) - by Rozena
Dress: Anti-Fierce-Valentine - by PEQE
Shoes: G Wedge Anti-Fierce-V - by PEQE

Skin: Simone Skin - by Orage Creations
Hair: Pepper (night) - by Truth
Eyes: Glossy Eyes (indigo) - by Rozena 
Dress: Anti-Valentine - by PEQE
Shoes: G Wedge Anti-V - by PEQE

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