Fashion by Double A Presents: Having fun somewhere

RL sometimes is a little heavy, isn't it? But it's ok, that's why SL is here for! To have fun, to make dream come true! So, these are us, having some fun around the grid, putting together some outfits and some clothes we found it was cool to share with you. We also are sharing skins and hairs. Hope you like it!

Ayala wears:
Shape: Mia - by Kalnins
Skin: Anna Valentines (Tan) - by Filthy
Hair: Charlotte (Majestic) - by {{trico}}
Sweater: The Ari Sweater (light blue) - by Cynful
Skirt: Tweedy Skirt Low (ocre) - by Cynful
Earrigns: Keres Wooden - by aDiva - (not available anymore)
Shoes: Classic Pumps (brown) - by RedGrave

Alon wears:
Skin: Jhosh by Unique Megastore
Eyes: Jhosh by Unique Megastore
Outfit: Casual Jeans Outfit by [SE*Designz] (new release)
Shoes: Terra by Kalnins
Hair: Radiant M04 by Laq
Poses: *agapee*(for both avatars)

Ayalla Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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