Fashion by Double A Presents: Manhattan in kingsize - by reBourne prefabs

A lot of people already wrote about New York. Over time, several songs were written and sung, poems and movies of all genres about this amazing city were delivered. NYC is one of the most famous and desired cities in the world. Those that live there are addicted to it and those that have never visited made plans to some day step there. 

A place full of glamor, mystery, fashion, development, beauty and with such an energy invites people to come and enjoy a beautiful day and a beautiful night. 

I agree that it's not that simple to live in NYC if you were not born there. It's actually a very bold goal. Actually, visiting NY is already such a target! That's why I love SL!!! You can have your own Manhattan Loft! 

reBourne Prefabs has released an amazing loft with an amazing private view of Manhattan. It's such an inspiring place where you can now call home.

It was carefully developed by Danny Bourne and Suite Sella, creators and owners of reBourne Prefabs

It's a very detailed place, full of luxury tools, such as your own private lift.

It's something really artistic. It includes a spacious living area joined with the sleek kitchen, views over the balcony and Manhattan. Apartment style stairs lead up to a balcony bedroom overlooking the living area and Manhattan. The outside balcony holds the most peaceful feel in all the build, you can almost feel the cool breeze as you stand looking over the rooftops.

We made our best to capture the best pictures of this loft, but there is nothing like living your own experience. So, there is a demo place where you can explore an fall in love with this amazing creation. 

This loft has only 238 prims and you will need a parcel size of 40 x 80m. It doesn't include any furniture, but as a special treat, it's available at 50% off retail price once you buy the loft.

If you are interested in more details, you can contact Suite Sella or Danny Bourne. They are such sweet people and they offer lifetime assistance. When you believe in your creation and make it with excellence, it's easy to offer this service.

Once you visit the reBourne store, keep the landmark, because they are always releasing amazing creations that will take your breath away, helping us to live this SL with the best we could ever dream about. Even because that's what SL is about: making dreams, living the best life possible!

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville

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