Fashion by Double A Presents: Sale at AlaFolie!!!

I love a sale, don't you?

I got this information today, that AlaFolie is with some items 50% off until the 7th! Let's see what we go here....

This one above is Miss Philipines in black version renamed DIAMANT NOIR, DIAMANT NOIR set being sold apart :). The regular price is 700L, but until the 7th, you can buy it for 350L!

The next 3 pictures are The barrette. Specially created to fit with the hairdressing "Innocent" from Vanity Hair. This first one regular price is 1000L. Until the 7th you can get it per 500L. And the hair "Innocent" is also on sale at the same store: each color is on sale per 200L (original was 275L) or the fatpack 600L (original was 800L).

This next one regular price costs 1000L, but you can get until the 7th per 500L.

And this one is regular sold by 600L, but if you loved it, like I did, you can get it per 300L till the 7th!

And finally, it comes IRIS set. They are sold separatly, with a novelty, "IRIS BLANC"

Their regular price is 700L, but until the 7th you can get them by 350L each!

There are 4 options of colors. I should get them all if I were you!

We never know when this chance will come up again or when you will need these colors to match your outfits.

And there is one more thing you should know: you will still have 20% off extra discount if you are in  AlaFolie group as a refund after purchase. But please, don't forget to activate the group before buying!!!

Ayalla Alphaville

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