Fashion by Double A Presents: Adam by Faces Studios

Adam skin from Faces Studios has a very nice body, well defined muscular form, amazing bicep and tricep definition, and is any woman fantasy in a pair of underwear. 

The coolest thing in this skin is the FX option, with this robot effects.

Faces Studios captures the male body in all its essence and keeps it interesting at the same time. From frame to frame you can always expect great things from Faces Studios.

Adam is a fine example of why we enjoy and appreciate the male body skin so much. He has a soft face and captivating eyes, with muscles that are perfectly defined and proportioned. I think he has the perfect chest and arms, not too big but just the right size that scream the boy next door.

Two hairbase options

Bodyhair Option

Vivitone© Technology licensed by Egoisme Ltd. option


Alon Alphaville

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