Fashion by Double A Presents: Little Wooden Nutshell

Baffle!  is participating of Pose Fair 2011. This new release Little Wooden Nutshell has 10 poses.

It is so cute to take awesome pictures.

Duh! released these slip on this week. Since they are extremely casual, these DUH! Slips work best on weekends or while on vacation. Wear them next time you watch (or join) a game of volleyball at the beach.

Most of today's male celebrities have taken the shorter route, with all-around short, "neat" hair. So, Pocket Mirrors released Carey Hair -this short hair is reminiscent of that 1950s hairdo, achieved by combing back your "fronts" (your girlfriend surely refers to them as bangs) and making them "lean over" slightly to the side.

Every guy that has ever gone shopping for a sweater soon becomes puzzled when he discovers how many different styles of collars actually exist.
You just want to look good and find the best bargain possible, right? JfL released this Short Sweater over Striper and guess what? It is on sale this week. Run!

Sport a pair of Chillin by Custom Inkz  this summer and you’ll be catching more girls than waves.

Boat: Littlw Wooden Nutshell by Baffle!

Alon wears:
Skin: Zeus by Faces Studios
Shape: Alon Alphaville
Hair: Carey by Pocket Mirrors
Eyes: Natural Eyes 3 blue from Unique
Sweater: Short Sweater over Stripes by JfL (new release - on sale)
Pants: Chillin by Custom Inkz
Shoes: Slip on brown by Duh!
Bracelet: Surfer Bracelet by DKD Jewelry (Free)
Sunglasses: Glaze by Kalnins

Alon Alphaville

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