Fashion by Double A Presents: Happy Easter!!!!

Like Halloween and Independence Day, Easter is another time of year adults take advantage of dressing up in their favorite costumes. Whether it's for that special moment when the kids are searching for Easter eggs in the yard, or for the sexy couple's fantasy that just want to keep their imaginations alive, depending on what your current desires are, a bunny character is a popular choice among many adults in the spring.

Individuals on a budget, consider what type of bunny you would like to be, and if you have no clue, maybe I can help you with a really "bunny idea" to help you get your imagination flowing, and possibly make your next event a humorous one. If you're a serious bunny, don't read any further! I don't want you to start getting hopping mad at me. Ok, I will stop the rabbit puns.

If you happen to attend costume parties annually and you're stuck on ideas of what costume you would like to do this year, one idea from another article I wrote on unique costume ideas was the Playboy theme that I believe will fit nicely. You will have to start off by contacting several friends, gathering one guy and several women friends. If you have all women, or all men, I'm sure you will figure something out together.

There is an option for kids too!

The chicken and the child bunny costume are two major costumes that children wear during the holiday. Easter bunnies come in one piece jump suits with ears and hand mitts or open faced suits. Bunny costumes come in various colors as well. Chicken suits are usually one piece and yellow. Other Easter costume includes a lamb buntings.

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin: Atena (pale) - by Unique Megastore
Hair: Pia (night)  - by Truth
Eyes: primavera series 6 - by Perception Eyes
Outfit: Hippity Hoppity Hottie Complete Set - by Pounce

Alon wears:
Skin: Dan medium buzz shaved by Prodigal (new release)
Shape: Dan shape 01 by Prodigal (new release)
Eyes: inverno 6-2 by perception
Outfit: Pounce Thumper in Charge  by Pounce

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville

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