Fashion by Double A Presents: Hanging out during the week....

I really love this adorable little 50s/60s inspired polka dot dress.  Very Betty Draper of Mad Men.  The medium to heavy weight cotton faille fabric gives the dress a nice tailored silhouette.

There's a reason that denim has historically been linked with work wear: it's durable and comfortable. This  Work Shirt by Mr. Poet was built with these traditional requirements in mind. Its simplicity makes it timeless, meaning that if you invest in this shirt it will probably be the only denim button-down you'll ever have to buy. The Unisex Brown Rynkle Pants by MadeForYou jean is simple enough for everyday wear but sufficiently unique for evening events.

Whether you need a pair of boots to make your commute to work more bearable or want classy shoes to complete your corporate or evening look, search no further, the coolest men's shoe collection is right here at  [hoorenbeek]. If you live in a town where winter means a drop in temperature but not a months-long battle with the elements, heavy-duty footwear is impractical for your lifestyle. Instead, casual boots like these ones  Patagonia Loose from  [hoorenbeek], which you can pair with some woolly socks to keep your toes toasty, are more suitable. Handmade from fine leather and burnished to give a rich finish, these handsome boots have a vintage feel that will make them a favorite with guys who favor a look that’s rugged yet pulled together. Wear them with other all-American pieces, including your favorite broken-in jeans, white tees, plaid shirts or cozy cable-knit sweaters.

Dura-Boys&Girls 15 from Dura  pairs well with the dressy attire you might wear to restaurants, clubs or bars.

Add shimmering style to any ensemble with this dazzling back necklace. This versatile matching pair of earrings presents a harmonious mix. It's a fashion and stylist way to complete your outfit, I'd say a must have item in your inventory.

Ayalla's skin only in this picture is the new release by Unique Megastore, called Atena (pale). I'll make another post about that very soon.  

Alon wears:
Skin: Dan medium buzz shaved by Prodigal (new release)
Shape: Dan shape 01 by Prodigal (new release)
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls 15 by Dura
Eyes: inverno 6-2 by perception
Shirt: Work Shirt by Mr. Poet
Pants: Unisex Brown Rynkle Pants by MadeForYou
Shoes: Patagonia Loose by [hoorenbeek] (new release)

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Linda Day - by Vassnia
Shape: exclusive (not for sale) - by Alon Alphaville
Dress: Posie Pinup - by Poised
Earrings and Necklace: Designs Circles Set Back - by Finesmith
Shoes: Rhapsody - by Kalnins
Hair: Pia (night) - by Truth

Ayalla Alphaville and Alon Alphaville
(Fashion by Double A)

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